Don’t Quit Your Day Job

julie big kip

Partner a – 10 burpee down and back through the parallettes
Partner b – pass throughs
Partner a – 10 shoot throughs
Partner b – around the worlds
Partner a – fast feet laterally through the paralettes
Partner b – inchworms
Partner a – Use the paralettes to work on side and pancake split
Partner b – shoulder taps

Handstand walking
Freestanding handstand
Max L-sit hold – 2 attempts

Thruster 5-3-2-1-2-3-5

WOD (30 min)
Run 800m
15 Deficit HSPUs
Run 600m
12 Deficit HSPUs
Run 400m
9 Deficit HSPUs

Games – Paralettes to 1 abmat
Regionals – plates to floor
Open – no deficit