Diner served…bring your Plate

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Alternating Tabata
8 sets of 20on:10off

A. Jump Rope
B. Ab Exercise
Flutter kicks
Double Crunch
Scissor Kicks
Ceiling Stomp
*4 sets of jump rope separated by a different ab exercise each time.

Then 10 of each Movement in the WOD (back and forth is 1 for the Russian twists)

3×10 Reps of Each
Weighted Glute Bridge
Bridge Floor Press

Plate WOD
5 Rounds
1 minute stations: No rest between Stations
Jump Rope or Plate hops
Plate ground to Overhead
Plate Russian Twists
Plate Thrusters
Plate Plyo Push-ups

1 Minute Rest between rounds

*Plate Ground to Overhead and Plate Thrusters are interchangeable with Single Arm C&J/Snatch and Single Arm Thrusters 50|35.

Extra Work
Odd – 30s Pull Up Hang
Even – 30s Handstand Hold or Wall Plank Hold