Keeping It In Perspective

Paleo Challenge Re-Test Information
Saturday 10/26 – 1 Mile Test (Saturday is also the last day of tracking online)
Monday 10/28 – Fran
Tuesday 10/29 – 1 RM Clean & Jerk
Friday 11/1 – Christine

Paleo Challenge Re-Measure Information
Saturday 1-4pm only with Tina Mo – we are short staffed earlier in the day
Tuesday AM + PM
Thursday Am + PM


Last week while doing some fall cleaning, I stumbled upon an old, chalky, beat up notebook… my first ever CrossFit journal. The first entry was from January 2010, my first ever CrossFit class. The strength portion for the day was 1RM backsquat,  and all I had written was “couldn’t stand up with empty bar (45#).” The workout for the day was tabata push ups, and my score was 2, with push ups from my knees. Seriously, two! I kept flipping through the notebook and found other fun little notes I had written to myself along the way, like “used the green band on pull ups today instead of green and blue” and then a several long months later, “first unassisted pullup!” (probably with way more exclamation points than that).

This got me thinking about the importance of journaling and keeping track of our performance at the gym. So many times on the platforms I talk to athletes who are unsure of their previous PRs. My reaction is always the same.. “what!?!” You should always be proud of your PRs! Knowing these numbers is so important, not only so you can impress your friends with your beastly strength numbers or speedy Fran time, but also so you can have a number to shoot for on the platforms, or a number to use when choosing weight for a workout. Being able to look back on past performances can definitely make you a better, smarter athlete going forward.

But perhaps more importantly, journaling can help us keep everything in perspective. Just before finding my old journal, I was feeling pretty bummed out that I couldn’t hit my old backsquat PR. Realizing that one day not too long ago I could barely do an air squat without falling over helped me better appreciate my journey and all of my milestones along the way. Sometimes, we get so caught up in where we’re trying to go that we forget about how far we’ve already come.

If you’ve got a CrossFit journal, flip back to your beginning days. If not, just think about your first few classes. Do you remember how those first workouts felt? Are there things you couldn’t do then that you can do now? Take a moment to reflect on your own CrossFit journey and get pumped about all the progress you’ve made! We all have good days and bad days in here, so the next time you’re bummed out about a bad workout or a missed lift, just remind yourself of where you started.  …and THEN you can start thinking about your next PR 🙂


Squat Snatch

Row 40 Calories
20 Power Snatches (125,85)
Row 30 Calories
15 Overhead Squats
Row 20 Calories
10 Squat Snatches

Level 3-(110,75)
Level 2 – (95,65)
Level 1 – (65,35)