Bringing Sand to the Beach

Early Morning Risers
Early Morning Risers

The box will be closed today due to the CrossFit L1 Cert. Coach Schurko will be hosting a BEACH WOD! at M Street Beach at 9 & 10.  If you can dig it bring your pail and shovel and meet us there!

In the soft sand…
Jog down and back.
Shuffle down and back
Lunge down. Backward lunge.
KB Swings x 15 reps
Sandbag run down and back
Sand bag Thrusters
KB Swings x 15 reps
Lower Body Mobility
Partner WOD: “Bringing Sand to the Beach”
2 partners
3 Rounds of
100 meter run (50 meter down and back) each
40 sandbag thrusters
50 burpees
100 meter sandbag run each
40 sandbag thrusters
50 wall jumps/step ups onto the wall
100 m buddy carries/piggy backs (Switch at 50 M)
Optional – Last round you may jump in the water and then sprint back to the wall. (I mean if we are at the beach we should get wet right?)

At Home WOD
10 burpees
10 jack knives
10 alternating pistols