“Ben the Warrior” – CompetitorWOD


Warm Up
With General Class

This workout was created by Shoreline CrossFit in memory of Ben Callahan, a 10-year old boy from their community who passed away tragically. He loved all of the movements in this workout and today we will WOD in his memory.

“Ben The Warrior”
In Teams of 3
2 Rounds
3 Mins of Max Deadlifts (185, 125)
1 min rest

3 Mins of Max Box Jumps
1 min rest

3 Mins of Max Stone to Shoulder
1 min rest

3 Mins of Max Pull Ups
1 min rest

5 Mins of Max Burpees
1 min rest

The #2 was Ben’s name. The 3 is for the 3 brothers. The 5 is for the family of 5, including parents Dave and Paula.

Perform this workout in teams of 3. One teammate works at a time.