Author: aimee dups

Thunder & Lightening

If you are going to run your first marathon, why not run the Great Wall of China Marathon. That’s what our very own Jenna Barresi recently accomplised! Congrats Jenna! The other day I was coaching a class when an athlete failed a rep on a strength set, dropped the weight, and grabbed his back. I […]

Regional Swag

With Regionals just two weeks away, we’re happy to announce that the official 2014 CFS Regional gear has finally arrived! We’ve put a twist on the traditional green and orange and (partially inspired by Andrea), we’ll be rocking camo for the competition this year. T-shirts and tank tops are available for $25 each. All proceeds […]

A Healthy Reminder

Most Monday mornings I wake up at 5:30am and hit the 6am WOD at CFS. I’m at a doctor’s office by 8:30am, ready to spend my day helping to care for patients, most of who suffer from the chronic and preventable conditions that plague our nation. It’s a drastic contrast in the course of a […]