Regional Swag

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With Regionals just two weeks away, we’re happy to announce that the official 2014 CFS Regional gear has finally arrived! We’ve put a twist on the traditional green and orange and (partially inspired by Andrea), we’ll be rocking camo for the competition this year. T-shirts and tank tops are available for $25 each.

All proceeds of Regional t-shirt/tank top sales will be donated to the Whitney Hardy Fund. Whitney’s fiancé Dan Stebbins had been a member at CFS for about a year when he finally convinced Whitney to join him here back in December. From day one, she proved to be a natural athlete and an awesome addition to our community. Tragically, Whitney was struck by car while out on her evening run back in February. She sustained very serious injuries and is still fighting her way back on a long road to recovery. Most recently, Whitney underwent a successful cranioplasty and is now recovering at Spaulding Rehab. You can read updates on Whitney’s condition and progress here. Whitney and Dan still need our support, and we hope that you’ll purchase a shirt to support the cause and wear it proudly.

Stop by the front desk to purchase your shirt today. Get them before they’re gone!


Paleo Benchmark 2
Work up to a 1 RM
Clean and Jerk

Rest as needed

Paleo Benchmark 3
1 Mile Run for Time

Conditioning WOD
With a partner…
Guys: Row 45-35-25-15-25-35-45 Cals
Girls: 40-30-20-10-20-30-40 Cals

4 Minute Plank Test