AT HOME FITNESS – Live coached WODs on Zoom at 8am and 530pm today.  Check our Class Schedule for other upcoming times.
Click the link to join—-> https://zoom.us/j/491227192

Warm Up
-2 Minutes Jump Rope (singles,crossovers, single leg, skiers, etc..)
-20 Downward Dog Reach to Opposite Foot

½ Bottom to Bottom Squat Tabata*
½ Double Under Tabata

* 8 sets of 20 on 10 off where your first 4 sets are air squats where your rest is the active bottom position of the squat. The last 4 sets are on the jump rope.

-5 Block and twist each side
-10 Push Up to each side Shoulder tap
-5 Wall Facing Squats

Quad stretch
Calf stretch

EMOM5 0-5
8 Thrusters 115|75
Rest 2 Minutes

E2MOM 7-17 (7-9-11-13-15)
200m Run
25 Double Unders**

Rest 3 Minutes

E3MOM (20-23-26-29)
5 Thrusters
100m Run
15 Burpees

*If a single object, go heavy and split the reps to 4|4 on each arm

**sub lateral plate hops, ADV – 50 Dubs

Core Cash Out
100 Hollow Rocks
Each time you break complete 5|3 push ups

Extra Work
Strict Pull Ups
Ring/Bench Dips
SA OH Lunges each arm (50/35)