2 Minutes On: 1 Minute Off

AT HOME FITNESS – Live coached WODs on Zoom at 8am & 530pm today. Check our Class Schedule for all upcoming times. Follow the link in our bio to join—-> https://zoom.us/j/491227192

Warm Up
2 mins on 1 min stretch

2 mins Alternating Step Ups
1 minute Good mornings

1 min Single Leg Deadlift Right
1 min Single Leg Deadlift Left
1 min Inchworms

1 min Box Jump Step Down
1 min Box Jump Over
1 min Box Calf Stretch (30sec each side)

5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
5 Muscle Clean
5 Power Clean

Box Mobility
World Greatest Stretch on the box – spend 30s – 1 minute in each position

EMOM12- ODD Only
Deadlift- 3 Reps Tempo 3111*

*Slow 3 second negative, 1 second pause just off the floor, 1 second on the way up and 1 second pause at the top

5 Rounds
2 Minute AMRAP
5 Power Cleans 135|95
5 Box Jump Overs 24|20
1 Minute Rest

*pick up where you left off each round.

ADV – 30|24 Box Jumps

At Home Version
5 Rounds*
2 Minute AMRAP
5 Object to Shoulder
5 Chair Step-up and Overs
1 Minute Rest

*pick up where you left off each round.

Split the reps equally between the arm and legs. Ideally stick with one side for an entire round and switch working sides each round.

Extra Work/Core Cash Out
100ft HS Walk
200 Double Unders
75 ft HS Walk
150 Double Unders
50 ft HS Walk
100 Double Unders
25ft HS Walk
50 Double Unders

Double Under Sub = Run 400|300|200|100

HS Walk Scale – 50|40|30|20
Or Wall Climbs – 6-4-2-1