Weightlifting Buddy Day

Strict Press
Strict Press

Grab two partners, one person on the sled at all times. Take turns pushing the sled and sitting on the sled. Push it to the 400m or 300m mark depending on your ability level and back. Keep your heels on the ground and walk with the sled – driving with your entire legs.

High Bar Back Squat

These should all be heavy challenging sets.
After your last set immediately strip down the weight to a weight were you could do 10-15 reps with fresh and jump right back in for as many reps as you are able until your legs (not your heart) quit.

Barbell Bulgarian Split Squats
3×8 on each leg

*front shin should be parallel to the ground, get as low as possible

Partner up:
a. Barbell weighted GHD back extensions x 10
b. Barbell weighted GHD bench press x 10
* go immediately from set a to set b then switch partners. Perform 3 sets of each.

10 minute AMRAP
Heavy sled pushes.
Partner a pushes 20seconds
Partner b pushes 20 seconds
Partner c pushes 20 seconds for 10 rounds.

You choose the weight, it should be heavy enough where you have to walk with it, keep the feet on the ground.