Until You Can’t No Mo

Dave Lunging His Buns Off
Dave Lunging His Buns Off

Calling all Coaches & Athletes!!!!
An athlete training Camp will be put on by local box owners and good friends Kevin O’Malley and Brandon Petersen

The camp will take place on August 9th and 10th at CrossFit Free in Salem, New Hampshire
Registration Fee = $300. Cover attending both days camp, lunch each day and goodie bag will provided for athletes from our sponsors.

Topics will include –
Gymnastics – Jay Grimes + Jonathan Barbeau
Testing (systems) – Kevin & Brandon
Nutrition – Dr. Mike Molloy
Maintenance & Prevention – Dr. Sean Rockett
Trigger Release / Recovery – Dr. Crowley
Program Design Discussion: Kevin & Brandon
For more info click here and to Register click here

2 Rounds
300m Row
5 Snatch grip push-presses
5 Overhead Squats
5 Power Snatches

-Give your shoulders some lovin

1. Snatch Grip Push-press
2. Overhead Squat

Every 5 minutes Complete
500m Row
5 Power Snatches
10 Wallballs
-Each interval increases by 1 snatch and 2 wallballs until you can no longer complete within the 5 minutes

Round 2
500m row
6 Power Snatches
12 Wallballs

Games 155,105
Regional 135,95
Open 115,80