Strength Cylce PR’s

Beast Mode
Beast Mode

Stength Cycle PRs
Back Squat
EM – 255
Kara – 200
Gillian – 200
Katie B – 185
Dudley – 280
Alec – 360
Sebastian – 235
Goose – 380
Ribeiro – 355
KA – 195
Victor – 175
Meg – 255
Tom – 210
Daniel – 375
Heather – 200
Adam – 275
Liz – 190

Manny – 365
Dave – 405
Willis – 345
Mooch – 415
Gillian – 255
Kara – 225
Petra – 280
Wheeler – 275
Ribeiro – 380
KA – 280
Heather – 275
Liz – 245
Dale – 585
Meg – 335
Biscoe – 555
Daniel – 515
PJ – 405

Strict Press
Goose – 175
Dudley – 145
Moreno – 185
Adam – 145
Kyra – 92
KA – 105
McGuire – 175
Daniel – 185
Heather – 100
Josh – 140
Heather – 100
Tom – 135
Mooch – 160
Melissa – 90
Biscoe – 200
Alec – 175

Lot’s of big Pr’s, many in the 15-20lb mark for the squat and deadlift.  Not bad for a 6 week strength cycle that didn’t sacrifice much fitness.  Most strength programs do not include a whole lot of CrossFit including two weeks of Open/Regional WODs before the retests instead of a traditional deload week. A few huge PR’s that come to mind, Sergio up by 70 or so pounds on his squat.  Dale’s #’s obviously ridiculous.  Please post to comments how big your jump was from before the strength cycle.  Also comment if we didn’t get your numbers above.

If your numbers didn’t go up, let’s determine why?  Hopefully it wasn’t due to adding in lots of extra work during the cycle.  If you simply can’t live without metcon during these cycles, please refrain from adding in long slow WODs.  Do the conditioning floater or some sort of interval work, with lots of built in rest.   These bouts will keep your conditioning up to snuff but allow you to recover and not be detrimental to your strength/oly work.

The deload week was a deload from strength but still had a tremendous amount of intensity, maybe an entire week off is needed at this point to realize your gains or maybe just the volume in general is just to much at this point to recover from.  Don’t be afraid to dial it down where you need to or take time away from the box to let your body recover.  If you know you are the type of person that can’t completely stay away, stay light in the first couple weeks of the Oly cycle and take it easy on the WODs and take a few extra days off.  It could also be a sign that mobility and technique need to be addressed before gains are realized.  Lot’s of strength work can leave you tight and produce poor levers/ positions.  Reduce volume and focus on mobility and technique before you ratchet the volume/intensity back up.  Remember we should always be teetering with form and intensity.  If we teeter to far in one direction our fitness will suffer and we will plateau.

If your are feeling great, keep going hard but listen to your body.  Let’s demonstrate that newly acquired strength in the Oly cycle..

5 muscle snatch
5 Drop Snatch
5 Snatch Balances
5 High Hang Snatches
5 Mid Hang Snatches
5 Low hang Snatches
*take your time in the warm up and focus on hitting all your positions.

Snatch 8×3 @70% Rest 90s(pause each rep – all about speed)
*Moving forward all snatches will be of the squat variety unless specified otherwise

1. Overhead Squat 5×3 @ 70- 80%
These shouldn’t be super heavy, working your hand position and/or moving faster with the weight.

2. Seated Box Jump 5×3

30:30×4 Then Rotate
1. Muscle-ups
2. Calories on the Rower
3. GHD’s
4. Burpees (jump on a 3 inch plate)