CompetitorWOD – Howdy Partner

All Eyes on Daniel
All Eyes on Daniel

With General Classes

Partner WOD 1
12 Minute AMRAP
50 Double unders Each (both athletes work at the same time) or 300m Run As a Team
40/30 Calorie Row

-One partner works at a time on the Row. Accumulate as many Rounds/Calories as possible.

Rest 3 minutes

Partner WOD 2
10 minute AMRAP
40 Double Unders Each or 200m Run as a team, one person must carry the medball
30 Partner Wallballs

Rest 3 Minutes

Partner WOD 3
8 Minute AMRAP
30 Double Unders Each or 100m Run As a team
6 Muscle-ups/16 Ring Dips

One person works at a time for the muscle ups/dips.

Score = Total Reps excluding the double unders

ADV – 30/20lb medball