Hitting Positions


On Saturday the competitor class will start at 7:30am. The gym is going to close promptly at 9:00am for the scavenger hunt. There is no Open Gym, so please plan to stay on time with the class. There will also be open gym from 12pm until 3pm. I know it is a lot for one day, but if you are able to participate in the scavenger hunt we would really like to see some toasties out there. We are still one CrossFit Southie community and we would like you to get to know some new members. A bunch of the coaches are participating. It’s a lot of fun! To sign up please click here. If you choose to skip out we DO hope to see you at the anniversary party at Bell in Hand that starts at 7:30pm Saturday night. Please be sure to arrive before 9 to take advantage of the food and to miss the cover. 

Use the percentages as a guideline.  Remember form vs. intensity.  If you push past the percentage so much that you are all over the place, you are not going to get in the technique work or speed work necessary to get better.  Use Monday and Saturday as your heavy days where you push the intensity.  Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays should be more speed and technique based during the Oly work.  If the prescribed percentage is low where you are throwing the bar around increase the percentage but not so much that you are all over the place and missing your positions.

10 strict hspus
run a loop
10 kipping hspus

1. Clean and Jerk 8×3 @70% Rest 90s or perform every 2 minutes

2. EMOM10
Odd – Push-jerk 3 @ 75%/
Even – Banded Clean set up Deadlifts for Speed x5 @ 50%

* Start in your clean set up and work on hitting all your positions and producing speed through the middle. set yourself for each rep. do not touch and go.

Every 2 minutes Complete
8 Hang Power Cleans (185/115)
12 Handstand Push-ups

Rest the remainder of the time

Perform this for 10 minutes or 5 rounds, whichever comes first.

Rest 5 minutes


400m sprint

Scale where necessary. If you do not finish the round within the 2 minutes, complete the round and rest the remainder of the time before the next interval. 15 burpees penalty assessed immediately after the 400m run for each round missed.