Glutes Gone H.A.M.


Please make sure to watch all videos or YouTube exercises you are not familiar with.  Each day, come prepared with weights in mind that you want to hit.  We are trying to fit a lot of volume into an hour, especially in this phase, and as competitors we expect you to be somewhat self-sufficient so we can keep everything running smoothly.

Grab a heavy sandbag, bear hug it (out in front, not on the shoulders) and take it for a 300m jog.
Spend 5 minutes loosening up calves, performing leg swings and messing around with weighted pistols.

1. Box Squat Dynamic with chains 10×2 with 55% of your 1rm loaded on the bar and appropriate amount of chains. (325+ squatters 2 sets of chains) Complete with a partner on the minute or faster.

2. Snatch Pulls 10 x2 at 90% of your 1rm Snatch – no band tension. Do not touch and go. Work on increasing hamstring tension in first pull and picking up speed in second pull.  Complete with a partner on the minute or faster.

3. WOD – 12 minute hard cap
3 rounds of
5 deadlifts (405, 265)
5 weighted pistols left leg (1.5/1)
5 weighted pistols right leg (1.5/1)

Games (405, 265); 90ft handstand walk after the 3 rounds – may need to completed outdoors.
Regional (365, 235)
Open (315, 205)

4. Romanian Deadlifts 3×8

Start the lift in the hang position. Flex at the knee and send your hips back as far as possible. Maintain a rigid back throughout. The bar should stay in contact with the leg. Goes as low as possible while maintaining a rigid back (stand on plates if possible) extend the hip to return to the starting position but do not extend the knee, the knee remains in flexion.

5. Partner up:
a. KB/DB weighted Sit Up x 10
b. Glute-Ham raises x 10
* go immediately from set a to set b then switch partners. Perform 3 sets of each. (Feet can be anchored by partner. Hold KB against chest)

A Glute-ham raise is a hip extension on a glute ham bench finished with knee flexion. Set the fulcrum up at the midpoint of the quads. Perform slowly to maximize leg flexion demand.