Training Weaknesses


Training Weaknesses

Welcome to the Off-Season.  We officially have a little less than a year’s time before the 2014 North East Regional Competition.    As the field of competitors gets larger, the regional completion becomes less forgiving when it comes to weaknesses.  It should be evident by now that in order to do well in a credible CrossFit competition, it is imperative to not have any gaping holes in your game.   What good is a first place finish if you land 50th in the next work out?  Two 24th place finishes, although not as glamorous as one 1st place finish, would actually be better for your overall placing in this case. 

The shortcut to CrossFit success is hammering away at your weaknesses, not by improving the areas you are sufficient at.  I hear a lot of people say you can never be too strong, but I don’t know if I agree with this completely.  I do, if along with it you also say you can never be to good at gymnastics, conditioning, mobility, and at technique.  By itself, focusing on strength or any individual area you are already good at, leaves you less time to focus on an area you are lacking in and takes us back to a 1st and 50th finish, please keep that in mind.  

 Having a tough time discovering your weaknesses?   Look at the Open WODs from last year.  Think about the movements, workouts, time domains you loathe.  Think about what is holding you back, is it your endurance, mobility, gymnastics, etc…   Consult with your coaches if you need more help figuring out what you should be working on. 

Champions are built in the off-season.   Starting in the mid-summer, Burnt Toasties will follow a periodized program this year.  The schedule will consist of a strength cycle, oly cycle, weakness/gymnastics cycle and conditioning cycle leading into competition.   This generalized program will undoubtedly get you better but adding/substituting in weakness training is imperative to accelerate your success.  Hold yourself accountable for your own fitness and start to think about the things you need to work on.  Set goals and stick to them.  Coaches are here to guide you but at the end of the day we can only take you so far, you are ultimately responsible for your own success.

For now, get outside and try some different sports (swimming, biking, running, climbing, etc..).  Have fun with your training, try some of your own workouts that are out of your comfort zone and start to sprinkle in weakness training in and outside the gym.  We want you working weakness but we kindly ask that you please be mindful/respectful of general classes and work with coaches when working weakness during busier hours.  Also, please remember that 6pm indoor training is off limits for any non class related barbell training as space is limited.  2014 here we come!

Warm-Up –
4 rounds
10 burpees
10 barbell good mornings
5 Barbell front squats
-start with an empty bar and ascend in weight on the last 2-3 sets.


2.Front Squat

-Super set. Get a stop watch and rest exactly 1 minute after each lift. Work in with others

4 Rounds
2 15ft Rope Climbs
4 Squat Cleans
100m Sprint

*15ft rope climbs on the Burnt Toast side of Southie Green require a touch of the spray painted white line on the beam for 15ft*

Games- (225,135)
Regional (205,125)
Open (165,115)