Floater WODs/Working Weaknesses

What are floater WODs?
The shortcut to success is working on your weaknesses. There is no better program in the world than an individualized one. Although this program includes everything an athlete needs to be able to compete at a high level, weakness training should be added in to produce the best results. Weaknesses need to be addressed throughout the entire year, 2 months of weakness training is not going to get you where you need to be when competition comes around. To help address our weaknesses, we will be posting “Floater WODs” each Sunday. There will be three floater WODs each week, one gymnastic heavy, one weightlifting heavy and one conditioning heavy.  Based on your weaknesses you should choose ONE of the “Floater WODs” and complete it at some point during the week in addition to the competitor programming. “Floater WODs” will be posted on the board and scores should be recorded as completed to give other athletes times/numbers to shoot for. If you need help determining your weaknesses, coaches are here to help.

*a quick note on over-training* There should be 5 training days a week and 2 rest days where you stay away from the gym.  Remember, more is not always better.  Many times, more leads to lower intensity.   Rest days are good for your body and psyche and are necessary to promote better intensity while in the gym, which leads to better results.  Complete floater WODs on working days.  If you feel good and want to do 2 or all 3 floater WODs in a week, go for it but listen to your body and be sure not to over-train.    If you’re feeling run down, take a few days or a whole week off from training altogether or at the very least, take a break from the floater WODs.

“Hulk Salad”
8 minutes to establish max weight without removing hands from the bar:
2 Power Cleans
2 Front Squats
2 Shoulder to Overhead
“Queezy Baby”
8 minute amrap
6 burpee up and over the box
7 pull-ups- c2b for guys

“Loop, Swoop, and Pull”
In 11 minutes
Run 1 mile
then in the remaining time AMRAP Squat Snatches (115,75)