Everything Under the Sun


Warm Up- (15 minutes)
With a partner…Partner A completes round of 5 while partner B rests. Then partner B completes a round while partner a rests and so on and so forth.
Stone to Shoulder
Burpee lateral jumps over the stone

Strengthwork with a partner where able. Small changes can be made on the fly between partners. The Press can be taken from the floor where necessary.

EMOM for 10 minutes
Odd – 3 heavy Deadlifts
Even – 5 strict shoulder press

*For both the deadlift and the press perform each rep from a dead stop, no rebound allowed.*
*Pick a challenging weight and stick with it. Only small jumps allowed.*

WOD 1 – 10 minute CAP
Back Squats (taken from the floor)

Games – 185/135; 2/1.5
Regional – 155/105; 2/1.5
Open – 135/95; 1.5/1

10 minute AMRAP
Run 200m
AMRAP Muscle Ups

Open – C2B Pull Ups

*As soon as you come down from the rings or bar right back out the door for another run. Record the total # or muscle ups/c2b’s completed as well as the number of 200m runs completed.*