Skills to pay the bills

The majority of our competitor athletes at CFS are strong. I find that what we are lacking most is in technical ability and efficiency, mobility and high skill body-weight movements. With only four months out from the opens, this initial phase of the programming will include continued strength work but will be focused on bringing up our technical ability and high skill movements to match that of a competitive athlete. We will also add in suggested mobility that should be done in addition to the hour of class each day. Make sure to do mobility with a purpose, don’t go through the motions.

Warm up/Skill – 15 mins
400m empty sled push as fast as possible
TJ – 2:28
Practice Kipping HSPU’s
Oly – 30 mins
Work up to a 1 RM
Clean and Jerk

WOD – 15 min cap
SA Snatch (each arm)
Deficit Handstand Push Up

Games – (100/70); 2 plates/6.5 inches
Regional – (2/1.5); 1 plate/3.25inches
Open – (1.5/1); no deficit

If you decide to use an ab-mat; add an extra plate to the deficit.

Homework – Calf mobility