Firing Off 50

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2 Rounds
40s Work|10s Rest
-Mt. Climbers
-Scap Push-Up*
-Moon To Sky**
-Hollow Rocks
-Superman Hold

*Round 2 – Negative Push-Up
**Round 2 – Squat Hold

Quad Rolling
Chest Stretch

Overhead Squat
5 Reps

50 Back Squats 185|125
(From Rack)
At the top of each minute complete, alternating.
1. 15 Push-ups
2. 15 Sit-ups

Level 3-155|105
Level 2- 125|85
Level 1 – 95|55
ADV- 205|145

Saturday Skillet

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Oly Class will be non-coached today..Programming is posted, feel free to still come in and get your lift on.

Warm Up
500M Row
2 Rounds
10 Deck Squat Step-Ups*
5 Prone Swimmers
10 Box Dips**

*Round 2 Deck Squat Box Jump
**Round 2 Explosive Box Dips

Rope Climbs
Ring Muscle-ups
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

1000m Row
20 Burpee Box Jumps
7 Rope Climbs

Rest 2 Minutes

1000m Row
20 Burpee Box Jumps
14|10 Ring Muscle-ups

Rest 2 Minutes

1000m Row
20 Burpee Box Jumps
21 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Level 3- 5|3 Muscle-ups
Level 2- 5 10ft climbs, 20 Ring Dips, 15 Chest to Bar
Level 1- 7 pull to stands, 15 Ring dips, chin over bar Pull Ups
ADV – 5 legless climbs+5 regular climbs, 20|16 Muscle-ups, 30 Chest to bar pull-ups

Extra Work
Work up to a heavy weight for the complex
1 Power Clean
1 Hang Squat Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Jerk

300 Rack Up

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Warm Up
30|22 Cal Bike*
3 Rounds
10 Cossack Squats
5 Inchworms
10 Glute bridges
5 Prone angels

*First 5 and last 5 Cals with the Arms only

3 Rounds with a Band
1:00 Each Movement
1. Side Steps
2. Strict Press
3. Pull Aparts

WOD (30 Minute Cap)
Complete 300 Reps total with the following movements**
– Bike*
-Strict pull-ups
-Handstand Push-ups

*men = Assualt/Rogue Bike, Ladies = Schwinn

**use targets where possible

**A minimum of 30 Reps must be completed for each movement. Otherwise you can reach the 300 total in any order*

Level 3- 250 Reps
Level 2 – 200 Reps, Chest to Deck Push-ups
Level 1 – 150 Reps, Chest to Deck Push-ups

Extra Work
1000m Run
30 GHD
800m Run
30 GHD
600m Run
30 GHD
400m Run
30 GHD

*Scale GHD’s to 20 or 15 per round where need be

Burpees Meet DT

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Warm Up
50on:10off at each Station
-Barbell Front Squat*
-Plank Up to Push Up
-Hang Muscle Clean
-Tall Clean

*2 second pause in the bottom

Hip Rolling
Pigeon Stretch

Squat Clean
1 Rep 85-90%

Not a max out day. The goal is to complete 10 heavy reps with 40s recovery. Start at 85% and then climb to 90%. Work on consistency and from

In 13 Minutes
Buy In-
50 Bar Facing Burpees
12 Deadlifts 135|95
9 Hang Squat Cleans
6 Shoulder to Overhead

Level 3- 115|75
Level 2 – 95|55
Level 1 -75|35
ADV- 155|105

Extra Work – Active Recovery
3 Rounds
15 Cal Row
15 Cal Bike
100ft Sandbag Carry

15 Cal Row
15 Cal Bike
100’ Farmers Carry 70’s|50’s

ADV – 5 Rounds

Triple Double

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Warm Up
300/250m Row: 20-22s/m
40s Singles*
300/250m Row: 22-24s/m
40s Singles
300/250m Row: 24-26s/m
40s Dubs/ Attempts
300/250m Row: Game Pace

*Alt feet, side to side, etc

Shoulder Stretching
Chest Stretching

Tempo Push-press
2 Reps

*3 second negative
1 second in the front rack
Explode up
1 second at the top.

3 Rounds
500m Row
75 Double Unders

Level 2- 40 Double Unders
Level 1- 150 Singles
ADV – 125 Double Unders

Extra Work
For Time
3 Rounds
5 Burpee Pull-Over*
100’ Front Rack Walking Lunge (95/65)

2:00 Rest

2 Rounds
5 Burpee Ring Muscle-Ups*
50’ Front Rack Walking Lunge (115/80)

ADV – (115/80), (135/95)

*Pull Overs and Muscle Ups should be 1:00 – 90s per round – sub Burpee Pull Ups for each section where necessary

Benchmark WOD -12 Days Of Crossfit Southie!!

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Connor hitting that Knees To Elbows Standard in a previous “12 Days”!

“The much anticipated 12 Days of CrossFit Southie WOD will be run today during all classes. I created this workout back in 2008. I gave this workout to Patrick Padgett in a card as a Christmas present that year and it is one of my favorite memories of our friendship, as we battled it out together every year up until just a few years ago. I know he will be right by my side again this year pushing me to move faster than ever.
Amy and I also started doing it with our personal training clients years before CrossFit Southie existed. I have seen other versions floating around, but this one is authentic to CFS! Year after year, It is great to see a lot of people giving it a first go, and then others coming back for a second and third time. Looking forward to kicking off the holiday season right with the 12 days and hope you all will join us.”
– Goose

Grab a barbell and a lighter kettlebell
Run through the workout from day 12 down:
12 HSPU or Regular Push Ups
11 OHS or Front Squats (athletes’ choice)
10 Squat Jumps
9 kipping pull ups or kip swings
8 Knees to Elbows
7 clap or regular push ups
6 sumo high pulls
5 Kettlebell Swings
4 Front Squats
3 Clean and jerks
2 Turkish Get up
Then put some weight on the bar and try the thruster and the burpee.

Turkish Get-up

WOD (45 min Cap)
“12 Days of CrossFit Southie”
1 Thruster in a Burpee 115| 80
2 Turkish Get ups 1.5|1; one for each arm
3 Front Squats 115|80
4 Clean and Jerks 115|80
6 SDHP 115|80
7 Clapping Push Ups
8 Knee To Elbows
9 Kipping Pullups
10 Lords of Leaping 24|20
11 Overhead Squats 115|80
12 HSPU’s

Level 2 – 95|65, 1|.75
Level 1- 65|35, .75|.5

Extra Work
Snatch Balance
Go light for sets of 3s and 2s. Then Build to a heavy single.

Jingle Bell 5K This Sunday!

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Happiness this way

With the uptick in Covid cases we are asking everyone to both be diligent with their masks and to please continue to register for classes. We will make use of the registrant lists to inform class participants of any potential close contact situations. As always, thank you for your continued cooperation

Jingle Bell 5K
Don’t miss out on our next Sunday Run-Day Fun-Day! Sunday 12/19 in Somerville. More details can be found below and registration can be found HERE!

16 Suitcase Deadlifts
16 Lunges (unweighted)
16 Step Ups

14 SA Snatch High Pulls*
14 Lunges wit the DB in the Front Rack
14 Single Leg Box Plyos

12 DB Snatch
12 Lunges w/ SA Lock Out
12 Box Jump Overs

*reps should be split between sides

Back Squat
2 Reps
-Start at 75% and build from there

3 Rounds
20 Single Arm Snatches 50|35
10 Lunges w/RA lockout
20 Box Jump Overs
10 Lunges with LA lockout

Level 2- 40|25
Level 1- 30|15
ADV- 70|50

Extra Work
3 Rope Climbs
9 Devil’s Press 60s|40s
3 Rope Climbs
7 Devil’s Press
3 Rope Climbs
5 Devil’s Press
3 Rope Climbs

Bending Bars

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2 Rounds
40s on|10s off
-Cuban Press
-Single Leg -Vups
-Hang High Pulls
-Front Squat with 3 Second Pause
-Push Up to Plank Up and Over the Bar

Quad Rolling
Chest Stretch

E2MOM 10
Bench Press
5 Reps

-Work in groups of 3 and Rotate. If working solo perform a floor press or use a mb/box for upper back support.

Hang Power Clean 135|95
Front Squat
Toes to Bar

Level 2- 115|75
Level 1 – 95|55

Bring-A-Friend Day To Benefit Toys For Tots!

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With the uptick in Covid cases we are asking everyone to both be diligent with their masks and to please continue to register for classes. We will make use of the registrant lists to inform class participants of any potential close contact situations. As always, thank you for your continued cooperation!  

Bring-A-Toy….Break A Sweat!
Join us TODAY for our annual Gift Drive & Free Workout Day! This year we’re working to benefit Toys For Tots Boston! Anyone can attend class on this day, whether you’re a current member or not! ALL Fitness levels are welcome and the workout will be beginner friendly. Class is free, we just ask that you bring a new and unwrapped toy to benefit Toys For Tots!! Come on in and break a sweat for a great cause!

If you’re not able to make it Saturday we will be accepting donations through Monday 12/13! The community here has always been great about contributing to our gift drives in the past and it’s greatly appreciated! We’re excited to be collecting for Toys For Tots this year! In 2020 they were able to distribute 93,572 toys and supported 61,538 children in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Northern Plymouth!

“Our mission is to collect and distribute NEW, unwrapped toys as Christmas gifts to those children less fortunate in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Northern Plymouth. For the last 73 years, the United States Marine Corps Reserve has distributed over 542 million toys to more than 250 million children. This success stems from great partners, sponsors, and volunteers that help us raise funds and toy donations. Without your help, this program would not be a success!”

~Partner Up~
Partner A: 10|8 Cal Bike
Partner B: Burps

Partner A: 10|8 Cal Bike
Partner B: Russian KB Swings

Partner A: 10|8 Cal Bike
Partner B: Scap Pull Ups

Partner A: 5 Squat Therapy Reps*
Partner B: Bootstrap Squats

Wall Ball
Kettlebell Swing

Toys for Tots Partner WOD
20 Burpees
100|80 Calorie Bike
20 Burpees
80 Kettlebell Swings 1.5|1
20 Burpees
60 Wall Balls
20 Burpees
40 Pull-ups
20 Burpees

-Partition Reps Between Partners

Level 2- 80|60 Bike, 1|0.75
Level 1- 60, 0.75|0.5
RXPlus- 60 C2B
ADV – 2|1.5, 20 Bar Muscle-ups

Extra Work
Teams of 2
40 Kipping Handstand Push-Up
20 Sandbag Over Shoulder (140/90)

30 Strict Handstand Push Up
18 Sandbag Over Shoulder

20 Kipping Deficit Handstand Push Up (4”/2”)
16 Sandbag Over Shoulder

10 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-Ups (4”/2”)
14 Sandbag Over Shoulder

Scale according to movement
The rounds of strict HSPU should be substituted with another strict version where need be (every round should not be kipping HSPU)

ADV – 50/40/30/20 Reps on HSPU

7 Up and Under

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Warm Up
Grab a Long Band and Jump Rope
40s Work|10s Rest
-Jump Rope Singles
-Banded High Pulls
-Jump Rope Alternating Feet
-Banded Side Steps with arms extended overhead
-Double Unders or Attempts
-Banded External Rotation
-Double Unders or attempts

Snatch Complex
1 Power Snatch
1 Hang Squat snatch
2 Overhead Squats

-Start light and work on technique. Build as able

7 Power Snatches 95|65
7 Thrusters
49 Double Unders

Level 2- 75|55, 25 Double Unders
Level 1- 65|35, 100 Single

Extra Work
27|20 Cal Ski
18 Pistols
7 Muscle Ups

27|20 Cal Ski
18 Pistols
5 Muscle Ups

27|20 Cal Ski
18 Pistols
3 Muscle Ups

27|20 Cal Ski
18 Pistols
1 Muscle Ups

ADV – 9,7,5,3 Muscle Ups
Scaled- 4,3,2,1 Muscle Ups – perform Bar and use bands where necessary or complete 2x C2B Pull Ups