Bring-A-Friend Day Partner WOD!!

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Bring-A-Friend/Free WOD Day!
Have you always wanted to try crossfit and see what all the buzz is about? Today is your chance to try out a beginner friendly WOD here at CrossFit Southie and see what it’s all about! So get ready for the best hour of your day! Free WOD Day is happening TODAY! All are welcome to drop-in for any class! No prior experience with CrossFit is necessary and no advanced registration required. Please just be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early prior to your class to fill out a waiver. We can’t wait to meet you! Member’s please bring your friends and Non-Members come in and make some new friends!

Bring a friend….or 4

Dynamic Warm Up
Bean Bag Sprints

Partner WOD
10 Rounds (5 Each)
20/15 Calorie Bike
15 Box Jump Overs
10 Deadlifts 275|185

Resting 1:1

Level 3- 225|155
Level 2- 185|125, 15/12 Cals
Level 1- 135|95, 10/8 Cals

*One partner completes a round, then the next partner completes a round

Extra Work
200M Run
50’ Handstand Walk

ADV – 100’

The Over Under

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Warm Up
In 2:00
200M Run Then
-Deadhang From Pull-Up Bar

200M Run Then
-Duck Walk*

200M Run Then
-PVC Pass Throughs and Around the world in ¼ Squat

*ADV use PVC Overhead

Shoulder Rolling
Shoulder Stretching

Power Snatch
3 Reps

WOD (15 Minute Cap)
400m Run
21 Overhead Squats 115|75
21 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

400m Run
15 Overhead Squats
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

400m Run
9 Overhead Squats
9 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Level 3- 95|65
Level 2 – 75|50
Level 1 – 65|35
ADV – 21 C2B, 15 Bar Muup, 9 Ring Muscle Ups

Extra Work – Active Recovery
3 Rounds
1000m Row
100 Double Unders
1 Mile Run

Mid Week Chipper

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2 Rounds
40s Work|10s Rest
-Toe Taps on top of KB
-Toes To KB
-Bottom’s Up Waiter’s Walk (Switch at :30 Mark)
-KB Single Leg Deadlift to Single Arm Press


With KB
2 Rounds
10 SA Russian Swing Alternating Hands (each side)
10 Windmill
10 Halo in each direction
10 Goblet Squat with Press Out in the bottom

2 Rounds
5 Arm-bar Each Side
Turkish Get-up
5 Each Side- Climb in Weight

Lat Rolling
Pigeon Stretch

*100 Sit-Up Buy-in*
20 Toes to Bar
30 Push-ups
40 WallBalls
50 Kettlebell Swings 2|1.5
40 Wall Balls
30 Push-ups
20 Toes to Bar

Level 2- 1.5|1,
Level 1- 1|0.75
ADV- Double Snatches 1|0.75, 75 GHDs

Extra Work
E3MOM 15
1. 5 Bench Press
2. 5 Weighted Pull-Up
3. Rest

Reps Decrease by 1 for both the Bench Press and the Pull-Up

Round 1 – 5 Reps
Round 2 – 4 Reps

Coach’s Corner Shira Brandt!

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Coach’s Corner – Shira Brandt!
Shira has been a dedicated member of the CFS community since December of 2017 and she just recently went through our coaching intern program. Shira has always put a strong effort into everything she does in the gym. She has grown as an athlete over the years and we’re excited to have her as a new leader in the community. Shira has been a big part of the community – participating in numerous nutrition challenges, in-house competitions and social outings. Check out her interview below to learn more about Coach Shira!

Which Classes do you currently coach?
Wednesdays 6 and 7 AM

Years as a crossfitter and coach?

I started CrossFit in December of 2017 (so just over 3 years) and am just starting to coach!

What is Your favorite part of being a crossfit coach?
I’m still new but it’s amazing when people accomplish something they’ve been working at and how excited and proud they are – not just a lift PR but getting dubs, or improving their chest to bar efficiency, etc.


What is Your Favorite WOD and Movement?
Not sure on a favorite WOD but I love power cleans, deadlifts, GHD sit ups and rope climbs.

Tell us about your Athletic background!
I grew up playing all kinds of sports – field hockey, track and field, soccer, skiing, etc.

Can you give us a Small piece of advice for Newbies and/or Veteran athletes?
It’s easier said than done, but don’t be intimidated – we all were once the newbie and everything takes time and patience to learn. And try to not cherry pick! The only way to get better is to work on your weaknesses.

Fun Fact most people don’t know about you?!
I pole vaulted in high school

What do you enjoy about the CFS Community?
Everyone genuinely wants you to succeed and we all support one another and cheer each other on. It’s also so much more than just a gym, it’s nearly impossible to not make friends with others the second you walk in the door.

Shira at the 2019 Southie Showdown!

6:00 EMOM
1. 12/10 Calorie Row
2. 5 Moon To Sky*
3. 40 Double Unders or 60 Singles

*Round 2 – 12 Glute Bridges w/Barbell

Front Squat
1. 5 Reps @75% (straight sets)
2. Weighted Glute Bridge*
10 Reps
3. Rest

*If experienced with hip thrusts complete the 10 with a bench and a barbell

3 Rounds
500m Row
75 Double Unders

Level 2- 40 Double Unders,
Level 1- 150 Singles
ADV – 100 Dubs

Extra Work
Sandbag Over Shoulder (140/90)
Wall Climb

Alternate between Sandbag and Wall Climbs each round

Please Excuse The Interruption

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Warm Up
All movements With Sliders
2 Rounds
:40 Work/:10 Rest
-Plank Drags*
-Glute Bridge
-Push-Up To Press Overhead Right Side
-Push-Up To Press Overhead Left Side
-Plank V-Ups or Knee Tucks

Shoulder Rolling

E2MOM 12
3 Reps

WOD (12 Minute Cap)
60 Clean and Jerks 115|75
for Time

Interrupted by
EMOM 4 Bar Facing Burpees

Level 3- 40 Reps
Level 2 – 40 Reps, 115|75
Level 1 – 30 Reps, 95|55
ADV- 135|95, 6 Burpees

Extra Work
100/80 Calorie Bike
E2MOM – 2/1 Rope Climbs

*WOD Starts on the Rope Climb. Rope climb shouldn’t take more than :30

Scaling Option – Strict Pull Up Sub = 4 for each rope climb

ADV – 120/100
2/1 – Pegboard

All Systems Go

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Coach’s Choice

Lat Stretching

Pendlay Row
1. 10 Reps
2. 8 Reps
3. 6 Reps
4. 6 Reps
5. 4 Reps
6. 4 Reps

WOD (35 Minute Cap)
3 Rounds
15|12 Calorie Bike
21 Kettlebell Swings 1.5|1
21 Box Jump Overs

Schwinn = 23|18 Cals

Level 2- 1|0.75
Level1- 0.75|0.5
ADV- 20|15, 2 pood

Don’t Tell Comedy Show Tonight!

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CFS Comedy Night Tonight!
If you are a CFS member and missed the boat on tickets, let us know we may have some available!
Comedy night returns to Southie! “Don’t Tell Comedy Boston” is a local team of comedy lovers and comedians who are passionate about creating a fun and relaxed environment for experiencing live comedy. All comedians remain unknown until they take the stage. Every lineup is carefully curated to include the very best local and nationally touring talent. This event is BYOB and Snacks. Doors open at 7:30PM
Date/Time: Saturday 3/26 at 8PM
Location: Crossfit Southie!

400M Run


10 – 8 – 6
-Bandy Side Step w/Overhead Lockout*
-Bandy Good Morning
-Bandy Thruster**

*10 steps in each direction

Quad Rolling
Hamstring Stretching

9:00 EMOM
1. 200’ Sandbag Carry
2. 10 Bandy Face Pulls
3. 12/10 Calorie Ski

3 Rounds
400m Run
12 Front Squats 135|95

-Rest 2 Minutes-

3 Rounds
300m Run
9 Shoulder to Overhead 135|95

-Rest 2 Minutes-

3 Rounds
200m Run
6 Thrusters 135|95

Level 3- 115|75
Level 2- 95|65
Level 1-75|45, 9-6-3 Reps

Row Sub- 500-375 -250
Bike Sub- .8-.6-.4

*Coaches note– If you do not think you can do the first round unbroken, scale the weight

Extra Work
Quarterfinal Work out Number 1
50 dumbbell walking lunges
30 handstand push-ups
40 front-rack walking lunges
20 deficit handstand push-ups
30 overhead walking lunges
10 strict handstand push-ups

♀ 2 x 35-lb dumbbells for all lunges,
2-in deficit
♂ 2 x 50-lb dumbbells for all lunges,
3.5-in deficit
Time cap: 15 minutes

Scaling Options
-35/25# Dumbbells
20-10-5 Reps
-All kipping HSPU

Devil’s & Deadlifts

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2:00 Jump Rope on Coach’s Call


2 Rounds
12 DB Suitcase Deadlift
12 DB High Pull
12 Renegade Row
6 Burpee w/ DB To Stand

Banded Shoulder Stretching
Banded Hamstring Stretch

Deadlift – Based on Recent 1 RM
1. 5 Reps @ 55%
2. 5 Reps @ 60%
3. 4 Reps @ 65%
4. 3 reps @ 75%
5. 2 Reps @ 80%
6. 1 Rep @ 90%

-1 Rep is not meant to be a max

Each for Time
10 SA Devils Press 50|35
15 Pull-ups
50 Double Unders

Level 3- 45|30
Level 2 – 40|25, 10 Pull-ups, 25 Double Unders
Level 1 – 30|15, 100 Singles, 10 Pull-ups
ADV- 70|50, C2B

Extra Work
50ft HS Walk after each Row

Adv – Over Obstacle

Thursday Couplet

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Warm Up
1 min on 15s off
-Row (legs only)
-Plank Ups*
-Row – (lean and arms only)
-Rower Dips**
-Row – (everything)
-Hand release push ups

Use a mini band above the elbows for all non row exercises.

*adv – feet on the rower slide
**hands on the slide of the rower

Chest Rolling
Banded Chest stretch


1000m Row
60 Push-ups

Rest 2 Minutes

1000m Row
40 Ring Dips

Rest 2 Minutes

1000m row
20 Strict Handstand Push-ups

Level 3- Kipping HSPU
Level 2 – 750m Row 40-25-15
Level 1 – 500m Row 30-20-10 Reps
ADV – Muscle-up to Rings
4|2 inch Deficit

Extra Work – Active Recovery
30 Minute AMRAP
Bike 1000m
Ski 500m
Run 400m

Oly Class Returns Tonight!

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Joe loves the bike

Oly Class returns tonight and every Wednesday night at 6pm in Southie Orange!

45s Work: 10s Rest
-High Hang Muscle Clean and Press
-Single Leg V-Ups
-Bulgarian Split Squat R
-Bulgarian Split Squat L
-Front Squat To Push Press
-Single Leg Touch Down R
-Single Leg Touch Down L

Calf Stretching on the Box

2 Clean and Jerks
(Full Squat +Split Jerk)
1. 75%
2. 80%
3. 80%
4. 85%
5. 85%
6. 90%

WOD (15 Minute Cap)
8 Rounds
3 Hang Squat Cleans 135|95
6 Toes to Bar
9 Box Jump Overs

Level 2- 6 Rounds, 115|75
Level 1- 4 Rounds, 95|55
ADV- 185|115

Extra Work
4 Rounds
20 Cal Ski
20 DB Snatch 60|40

ADV – 75|55