Coach’s Corner – Casey Boyle!

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Coach Casey!

Primarily Indoors

Please do not park in the lot today as there will likely be peeps outdoors if the rain holds off.

Please bring your rope climbing socks

Pump/Oly class at 11am today

Coach’s Corner – Casey Boyle!!

We’d like to welcome the newest member of the CFS coaching staff, Casey Boyle!
Casey is an experienced Crossfitter and coach who joined the southie community back in February. She has over 5 years of CrossFit experience and over 4 years of coaching experience, including two years in Japan! She has always had a great presence and attitude in class as well as being very hardworking and eager to learn! We’re thrilled to have her on our team and she’s excited to work with you all! Read more about Casey below in her Coach’s Corner interview!

Which Classes you currently coach?
Mostly Thursdays 5 and 6PM

Years as a crossfitter and coach?
I Started Crossfit in 2016 and have been coaching since 2017!

What is Your favorite part of being a crossfit coach?
Watching someone connect a new skill or reach a long desired goal has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

What is Your Favorite WOD and Movement?
I love Cindy & anything with Power Cleans.

Tell us about your Athletic background!
I Played lacrosse and ran cross country in high school, and then played D1 Volleyball and lacrosse in college.

Can you give us a Small piece of advice for Newbies and/or Veteran athletes?
Try to remember to have fun with it—fitness should amplify your life, not take away from it. Also, scaling is your friend.

Fun Fact most people don’t know about you?!
I lived in Japan for two years. Konnichiwa

What do you enjoy about the CFS Community?
You feel the love the second you walk through the bay doors. I immediately felt like I had a new family when I moved to Boston and joined CFS. Regardless of how you feel before you come to the gym, I’m convinced you can’t walk out of the CFS in a bad mood and that’s quite notable.

P1 – 250m Row
P2 – Handstand Scap Push-Up*

P1 – 10 Weighted Step-Ups
P2 – Scap Pull Ups

P1- 15|12 Cal Ski
P2 – Rope Pull To Stand

*Scale with Plank Scap Push Up


Handstand Push-ups
Rope Climbs

1000m Row
30 Handstand Push-ups
40 Weighted Step-Ups 1.5|1
30 Toes to Bar

Score = Final Reps/Meters and “tiebreak time” (after TTB)

Level 2- 15 Handstand push-ups or 50 Chest to Deck Push-ups
Level 1 -30 Chest to deck Push-Ups

Rest 6 Minutes

12|10 Cal Ski
10 Burpees
1 Rope Climb

Level 2- 10|8 Cal, 10 ft climb
Level 1- 8|6 Cal, 3 pull to stand

Outdoor WOD 1
1000m Row or 800m Run
30 Single Arm STOH 1.5|1
40 Weighted Step-Ups 1.5|1
30 Single Leg V-Ups

Final Reps/Meters and “tiebreak time”

Level 2- 1|0.75
Level 1 -0.75|0.5, abmat Sit Ups

Rest 6 Minutes

Outdoor WOD 2
12|10 Cal Row
10 Burpees
10 KB Bent Over Rows 1.5|1’s*

*Can perform 10 on each side if not enough kb’s for dual bent over rows

Level 2- 10|8 Cal, 1|.75
Level 1- 8|6 Cal, .75|.5

Extra Work
Sandbag Over the Shoulder 150|100
Sandbag Hug Squat
100m Hug Carry

What A Ride

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Carly – Event 4 of The In-House Throwdown

Primarily Indoors

Warm Up
2 Rounds
30s Work| 10s Rest
-MB Hug Squat Jumps
-MB SL Deadlifts, R
-MB SL Deadlifts, L
-Bent Over BB Rows
-SL Glute Bridges, R
-SL Glute Bridges, L
-Bent Over BB Iso Hold

Calf Rolling and Stretching
Pigeon stretch

1 Round
1 Min Work| 20s Rest
Russian Twists
Plank-Ups with Toes/Shins on the Med Ball
Med Ball Overhead Reaching Sit-ups
Pike-ups- Toes/Shins on MedBall*

*can sub knee tucks

50|40 Calorie Bike*
25 Deadlifts 225|155
50 Wall Balls 20|14
25 Pull-ups
50|40 Calorie Bike
25 Pull-ups
50 Wall Balls
25 Deadlifts
50|40 Calorie Bike

*Schwinn/ C2 Bike: 75|60 Cals

Level 2- 40|30 AB, 60|45 Schwinn 40 Wall Balls, 20 Pull-ups, 185|125
Level 1- 30|20 AB, 45|30 Schwinn, 30 Wall balls, 15 Pull-ups, 135|95
ADV – 275|185, 30|20 WB, C2B

Outdoor WOD
800m Run
25 Deadlifts 225|155
50 DB Thrusters 2x 20|15
25 Bent Over Rows 2×20|15
800m Run
25 Bent Over Rows
50 DB Thrusters
25 Deadlifts
800m Run

Level 2- 600m run, 40 db thrusters, 20 Bent Over Rows, 185|125
Level 1- 400m Run, 30 db thrusters, 15 Bent Over Rows, 135|95
ADV – 275|185

Extra Work – Active Recovery
@ 60-70% Effort
Cal Row
Cal Ski

Hot Cross Buns

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John, Eve & Dan Team “Hot Cross Buns”

Outdoors Primarily
Please do not park in the lot

Warm Up
2:00 Jump Rope On Coach’s Call


-Banded High Pulls
-Banded OH Side Steps
-Duck Walk – Holding Band Overhead if Able*
-Banded Pass Throughs

*Reps Per Steps

Shoulder Rolling
Calf Rolling

3 Position Snatch
– High Hang
– Mid hang
– Floor

4 Rounds
3 Hang Power Snatches 115|75
6 Overhead Squats
20 Double Unders

-1:00 Rest-

*Pick up where you left off. Score= total rounds

Level 3- 95|65
Level 2- 75|50, 10 Double Unders
Level 1- 55|35, 40 Singles
ADV – Drag Rope

Wednesday 3 Rounder

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Outdoors Primarily
Please do not park in the lot

Mobility tonight at 7pm

Warm Up
1. 15|12 Cal Row
2. 10 Sandbag Pause Squats
3. 10 Burpees Over the Rower (Jump or Step)
4. 14 Sandbag Hug Step-ups

5 Tempo Back Squats

*3 second negative, 2 second pause, explode up, 1 second at the top

We will primarily be working outside but if you would like to work inside with a mask on a rack, you are welcome to.

3 Rounds
500m Row
20 Box Jump Overs
300m Sandbag Run 4|3

Rest 1 Minute

Level 2- 200m sandbag Run
Level 1- Step-up and over, unweighted run

Extra Work
1. 50’’ Handstand Walk
2. 12/10 Calorie Ski
3. 15 GHD Sit Ups

ADV – 100’ HSW/Med Ball GHD (14/10)

Scale HSW with one of the following
-:40 of Attempts
-3 Wall Climbs
-:40 Handstand Hold against the wall

The Tip Off

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Outdoors Primarily
Please do not park in the lot

Oly/Pump has been moved back to Saturdays.

Dynamic Warm Up
-High Knees
-Butt Kickers
-High Kicks
-Figure 4s
-Up and Over the Fence

2 Rounds
5 Lateral Burpees
5 Muscle Clean + Strict Press
5 Toes to Barbell (Or V Ups)

Chest Opening
Lat Stretching

Tempo Push-press
2 Reps

*3s negative, 1s pause on the shoulder, explode up, 1s pause at the top

WOD (15 Minute Cap)
40 Toes to Bar
30 Clean and Jerks 135|95
50 Burpee Lateral Jumps

Level 2 – 115|75
Level 1- 95|55

Outdoor T2B Sub= Single leg v-ups

*Workout will start inside with masks and then once reps are complete the rest of the workout will be outdoors.

Extra Work
Sled Push
Every 2:00 for 10:00
100’ Sled Push
Add a plate each round if able (45/25)

Right Into

Every 2:00 for 10:00
100’ Sled Push
Take away a plate each round

Scale weight accordingly – if you’re experienced start with a plate or two and add as you go along.

The Great Outdoors

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Primarily Outdoors
Please do not park in the lot

In 3 minutes complete
-200m Run
-10 Kettlebell Deadlifts
-15 Russian Swings
In the remaining time
AMRAP Inchworms

-Rest 30s-

In 3 minutes complete
-200m Run
-10 American Swings
-15 Air Squats
-20 Scap Push-ups
In the remaining time
AMRAP Scorpions

Chest Mash

KB Accessory
With Kettlebell
2 Rounds
1:00 Work|10s Rest
-SA KB Strict Press**
-Arm Bar Stretch
-Turkish Get Up

*Switch Arms Halfway Through Each Movement
**Bottoms Up Press for those Capable

400m Run
20 Kettlebell Swings 1.5|1
20 Push-ups
20 Sit-ups
20 Air squats

Level 2 – 1|0.75
Level 1 – 0.75|0.5
ADV – 2|1.5, Clapping push-ups, GHD sit-ups, pistols

Extra Work
SB Hug Squats 140|90
Bar Muscle Ups
*150’ SB Carry after each round

Rest 2:00

SB Over Shoulder
Ring Muscle Ups
*100’ SB Carry after each round

Scale Bar Muups to 5-4-3 and Ring to 3-2-1
Banded Muscle Ups
Chest To Bar x 2
Strict Pull-Ups x 2

Sunday Service

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Primarily Outdoors
Please do not park in the lot

Coach’s Choice

Shoulder Rolling

Overhead Squat
From Floor
5 Reps

2 Rounds
20 SA DB Snatches 50|35
100 Double Unders
20 Thrusters 95|65

Rest 2 Minutes

Level 2- 40|25, 75|55, 50 Double Unders
Level 1- 30|15 DB, 55|35 BB, 100 singles
ADV – 70|50, 115|80

In-House Throwdown Today!!!

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Who’s READY for the best Day of the Year?!!!

Primarily Outdoors
Please do not park in the lot today.

In-House Throwdown
If you are not participating in the Throwdown, come on by and cheer on the athletes! You can find your heat times HERE.

Schedule of Events
7:30AM – Athlete Check In
8:00AM – Athlete Briefing & Group Photo
8:45AM – Event 1 Kick Off
12:05PM – Final Event Wrap Up and Start of BBQ!

7PM – After After Social tonight at Tom English In Southie! Join us for a post celebration with darts, pool and touch tunes! This bar is cash only and be sure to get there before 8PM. There Will be a line after that!!

Open Gym is also available in Orange from 7-1. Registration in the ZenPlanner app.

Grin & Bear Complex It

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Outdoors Primarily

Please do not park in the lot

Warm Up
400M Run
12 – 9 – 6
-Muscle Clean*
-Good Mornings

*High Hang, Mid Hang, Floor
**Regular Push-Up, Diamond Push Up, Clapping Push-up

Calf Mash
Shoulder Mash

E3MOM15- 3 Complexes
Bear Complex
1 Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Shoulder to Overhead
1 Back Squat
1 Shoulder to Overhead

If using lighter weight, try the extra challenge of holding on to the bar for the 3 complexes

3 Power Cleans 155|105
6 Pistols
9 Burpee Lateral Jumps

Level 3- 135|95
Level 2- 115|75
Level 1- 95|65
ADV – 185|125

Extra Work
Row Cals

ADV – Finish with a round of 35

*Can Sub GHD Sit Ups

Bikes & Butterflies

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Coach Andrea!

Primarily Indoors

2 Rounds
30s On|15s Off
-MB Push Press to Target
-Med Ball Knee Tucks
-Squat Jumps
-Med Ball Hamstring Curls
-Bike Sprint

2 Rounds
-10 Ring Rows
-10 Ring Push-ups
-5 Ring Y’s & T’s
-5 Ring Push-Outs
-10 Ring Flyes

In 4 Minutes Complete
21 Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls 20|14
Then Max Calorie Bike

Rest 2 Minutes

In 4 Minutes Complete
18 Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls
Then Max Calorie Bike

Rest 2 Minutes

In 4 Minutes Complete
15 Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls
Then Max Calorie Bike

Rest 2 Minutes

In 4 Minutes Complete
12 Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls
Then Max Calorie Bike

Rest 2 Minutes

In 4 Minutes Complete
9 Pull-ups
20 Wall Balls
Then Max Calorie Bike

Level 2- 15-12-9-6-3 Pull Ups; 15 Wall Balls
Level 1 – 14|10 WB

Score = Bike Cals

Extra Work – Active Recovery
At Easy Pace
10 Rounds
300m Row
600m Assault Bike

1 2 3 37