Single Strength

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10 Lateral Up and Overs
10 Scap Pull Ups
10 BB Front Squats

8 Step Overs
8 Kip Swings
8 BB Push Press

6 Box Jump Overs
6 Rope Knee Raises
6 BB Thrusters

Quad Rolling
Lat Rolling

Hollow Rock Challenge
30 Hollow Rocks

Front Squat
1 Rep
1. 85%
2. 85%
3. 85%
4. 90%
5. 90%
6. 90%
7. 90%
8. 95%
9. 95%
10. 95%

1 Rep of heavy weight. Climb throughout the 10 sets

WOD (21 Minute Cap)
3 Rounds*
7 Thrusters 155|105
14 Pull-ups
21 Box Jump Overs

*3-2-1 Rope Climbs after each round.

Rest 2 Minutes

All rounds should be under 5 minutes. Scale appropriately.

Level 3- 135|95
Level 2 – 115|75
Level 1 – 95|55
ADV- 175|115

*Thruster should be a squat to a press without jerking.. Scale appropriately

Extra Work
Calorie Row
100ft Sand Bag Carry 140|90 after each round

February Fundamentals Registration

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February Fundamentals
Back by popular demand….Another session of Fundamentals!

We understand that starting any new fitness routine can be overwhelming and somewhat intimidating. The goal of the CrossFit Southie Fundamentals Program is to eliminate your fears, introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, and have some fun – all while getting fitter. Through eight 60-minute sessions, we will teach you how to move safely and efficiently through the most common movements you will encounter in our general CrossFit classes. At the end of the four weeks, you will have a strong understanding of the foundations of CrossFit, be ready to make the transition into general CrossFit classes… and be a whole lot fitter!

Class is held on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7:00 – 8:00 PM beginning Tuesday February 1st! For more information and to register click HERE

2 Rounds
45s Work|15s Rest
-Jump Rope*
-KB SL Deadlift, R
-KB SL Deadlift, L
-KB Russian Swings

*start with singles, call out different cues and round two double unders

Hamstring Rolling

Tempo Deadlift
3 Reps

1. 20 Kettlebell Swings 1.5|1
2. 16 Goblet Lunges 1.5|1
3. 40 Double Unders

Level 2- 1|0.75, 20 Double Unders
Level 1- 0.75|0.5, 80 Single Unders

Extra Work
250m Row
25 Heavy Dubs
25ft HS Walk

ADV – Over Obstacle or 50ft
Scaled – Regular Dubs, 2 Wall Climbs

Benchmark WOD “Isabel”

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MLK Class Schedule- 6am, 7am, 8am, 11am, 12pm, 4pm &5pm
Open Gym 5:45am-6pm

Warm Up
Fish Game

2 Rounds

5 Snatch Grip Push Press
5 Snatch Grip Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

2 Rounds
5 Jump Shrugs
5 Jump Shrug High Pulls
5 Muscle Snatch
5 Snatch Lands*

2” the first round, 4’ the second round

Shoulder Retraction
1. 3×10 Face Pulls or Pronated
Ring Rows
2. 3×10 Bandy Pull-Aparts

30 Snatches for Time 135|95

Level 2- 115|75
Level 1- 95|55

500M Row

-Report all Splits

Extra Work
5 Sets
5 Bench Press
5 Bent Over Barbell Rows

Shoulder Shimmy

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MLK Class Schedule- 6am, 7am, 8am, 11am, 12pm, 4pm &5pm
Open Gym 5:45am-6pm

Coaches Choice

Glute Rolling
Pigeon Stretch

Strict Press
3 Reps

12 Minute AMRAP
12 Shoulder to Overhead 95|65
12 Med Ball Sit-ups
12 Wall Balls

Level 2- 75|50
Level 1 – 55|35

Devil Of A Day

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MLK Class Schedule- 7am, 8am, 11am, 12pm, 4pm &5pm
Open Gym 5:30am-6pm

20/15 Calorie Bike*


Dynamic Warm-Up Through The boxes Musical Chair Style**
-High Knees
-Butt Kickers
-Side Shuffle
-Lateral High Knees

*30/22 Schwinn

*When the music stops, take a seat. Once you’re out you’ll be given a dynamic movement to do off to the side


2 Rounds
5 Prone Swimmers
5 Floor Angels
10 DB Halo
10 DB Plank Pull Through
10 DB Bent Over Row

2 Rounds

In 3 Minutes
20|15 Calorie Bike
Then Max Burpee Box Jumps

-Rest 1 Minute-

In 3 Minutes
20|15 Calorie Bike
Then Max SA Devil’s Press 50|35

-Rest 1 Minute-

In 3 Minutes
20|15 Calorie Bike
Then Max Weighted Step-up* 50|35

-Rest 1 Minute-

Score= Total Reps

*Can share weights and use a KB here if need be

Level 2 – 40|25
Level 1 – 30|15
ADV- 70|50

Extra Work
Weighted Pull Up
Weighted Dip

The Crossfit Open Is Coming!!

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The 2022 Open is Coming!
The most magical time of the year is back! The 2022 Open is approaching quickly and we want you to get on this 3 week journey with us, we promise you won’t regret it! The Crossift Open is a worldwide online competition open to everyone. Beginning on Thursday February 24th, Each week a WOD will be announced that you can complete at home or in your local affiliate. You’ll submit your score online to a worldwide leaderboard and be part of the biggest Crossfit event of the year. Check out some more information on the Open below from the Crossfit Games Website

“The Open is a global celebration of all the individual reasons we CrossFit. Maybe it’s to live healthier lives. Maybe it’s to lift your kids or stay healthy for your family. Maybe it’s just to prove we can do more than we ever believed possible. Whatever it is, this is the time to show the world your unique why! Compete at the gym or from home. With or without gear. The open is open to all, it doesn’t matter if you’re 14, 40 or 64. Just starting out or a muscle-up pro, And adaptive athletes are here to win. Compare your results by division, location, gym, or group. Hundreds of thousands of athletes. Hundreds of thousands of individual reasons to compete in the Open: Fitness. Community. Family. Competition. Health. Exhaustion. Joy.

All the Feels in This Open wod aftermath

For more information and to register visit The Crossfit Games Website HERE.

1:00 Each
-Toes To Barbell
-Plank up/over the barbell
-Front Squat

Repeat each station :30 each

Open WOD 21.3|21.4
For total time:
15 Front Squats 95|65
30 Toes-to-Bar
15 Thrusters

Then, rest 1 minute before continuing with:

15 Front Squats
30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
15 Thrusters

Then, rest 1 minute before continuing with:

15 Front Squats
30 Bar Muscle-Ups
15 Thrusters

Scaled- 65|45, perform hanging knee-raises, then chin-over bar pull-ups, then chest-to-bar pull-ups

Workout 21.4 begins immediately upon completing or reaching the time cap for 21.3.

Time cap: 15 min.

Complete the following complex for max load:
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 hang clean
1 jerk
Time begins immediately following the completion of 21.3.
Time cap: 7 min.

Extra Work
Deadlift 185|125
Bench Press 135|95

Push & Pull Through

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Warm Up
1- 3 Pull to Stands*
2- 14 Weighted Lunges
3- 14 Russian Kettlebell Swings
4 – 4 Rope Pull Ups**
5 – 20 Jumping Lunges
6 – 14 American KB Swings
**2 on each arm

*Athletes can start on diff exercise to accommodate ropes in larger classes

45s Work:15s Rest
1. Single Arm Floor Press-R*
2. Single Arm Floor Press- L
3. Turkish Sit-up- R
4. Turkish Sit-up- L
5. Pull-overs

*Can use a medicine ball for upper back support

14 Kettlebell Swings 1.5|1
14 Kettlebell Lunges
7 Handstand Push-ups
1 Rope Climb

Level 2- 1|0.75, 10 ft climb
Level 1- 0.75|0.5, 3 pull to stands
ADV – Strict HSPU, Legless Rope Climb

Extra Work – Active Recovery
18|15 Cal Row
15|12 Cal Ski
12|9 Cal Bike
50ft Handstand Walk

ADV – HS Obstacle

Scaled version
15|12 Cal Row
12|9 Cal Ski
10|7 Cal Bike
3 Wall Climbs

*aim for 10+/- sec rest on each movement

CFS 2nd Annual Burpee Dry Tri!

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CFS Second Annual Burpee Dry Tri!!
Beat the winter blues and join us for our Second Annual CrossFit Southie style Burpee Dry Tri Event!
Date: Saturday 2/19
Divisions: RX & Scaled
Cost: $25.00 for Non-Members.
Free for members!
Registration link can be found HERE

There will be a heat every 20 Minutes starting at 7:00am. There will be 9 participants per heat. 18 participants will be working at once as heats overlap. Your heat will be welcomed into the warm-up section of the gym 20 minutes before your heat. Please do not plan to warm-up prior to that window. Once you register you’ll be able to choose a time slot. This event is for the purpose of FUN and to get you moving. If you are entering to win a trip to Florida, you will be sorely disappointed. However, we do plan to have to have some prizes for top finishers!

5 Cal Bike – Arms Only
10 Banded Bird Dogs
10 Banded Good Mornings
10 Banded Strict Press

5 Cal Bike – Legs Only
10 SL Glute Bridge
10 BB SL Deadlifts
10 BB Strict Press

10 Cal Bike Legs + Arms
10 BB Glute Bridges
10 BB Deadlifts
10 BB Push Press

Quad Rolling and Couch Stretch

Hollow Rock Challenge
20 Hollow Rocks

3 Reps

E3MOM 15
10 Deadlifts 225|155
15|10 Calorie Bike
15 Box Jump Overs

*Schwinn Bike Cals – 22|15

Level 2 – 185|125
Level 1 – 135|95
ADV – 275|175

-Report all times

Extra Work
400M Air Runner
1:00 Sandbag Hold* 140|90
7|4 Ring Muscle-Ups**

*Accumulate 1 Minute – can be broken up

**Muscle-ups should take 1:30 – 2:00 Max. Scale number or use ring thing.

Scale RMUP to bar muscle ups or 2x chest to bar

Benchmark WOD “Jackie”

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Joe Ham

500M Row


Alternating Tabata*
-Air Squat
-Kip Swing**

*Active Rest – Squat Hold and Deadhang

**Abmat between feet

Quad Rolling and Couch Stretch

WOD 1 (12 Minute Cap)
1000m Row
50 Thrusters 45|35
30 Pull-ups

Rest 10 Minutes

1. 15|12 Calorie Row or Ski Erg
2. 15|12 Push-ups
3. 15 Sit-ups

*Can sub 12|10 Calories on the Assault/Echo bike

Level 2 – 10 Cals/10 Push Ups
Level 1 – 800m Row/ 40 Thrusters/ 20 Ring Rows; 8 Cals/ 8 Push Ups/ 10 Sit Ups
ADV – GHD Sit Ups

Extra Work
1 Power Snatch
1 Squat Snatch

Five For Fighting

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Warm Up
10 Burpee Lateral Jumps then..

30s Work|10s Rest
-Jump Rope Singles
-Banded Strict Press
-PVC Around the Worlds

-Jump Rope – Double Unders
-Banded Side Steps with arms Extended in OHS
-Pass throughs in a Quarter Squat

-Jump Rope Doubles or Triple Attempts
-Banded Monster Walk
-Pass Throughs in a Full Squat

Calves, Thoracic, Lats

Back Squat
5 Reps
-Straight Sets-

5 Rounds
10 Overhead Squats 115|75
10 Burpee Lateral Jumps
50 Double Unders

Level 2- 95|55
Level 1- 75|35

Extra Work
5 Rounds
15 Cal Row
50ft HS Walk
15 Cal Row
Rest 90s

*Scale HS Walk to 25ft or Overhead double KB carry 1.5|1 poods

1 2 3 37