CrossFit Southie is one of the largest CrossFit Gyms in the country, occupying 15,000 square  feet of space in a convenient Boston location between Andrew and Broadway station in South Boston just off of 93. The gym has been in business since 2010 and has maintained membership numbers ranging between 400-600 for monthly enrollment.

Classes are taught in a structured and challenging format, which produces fast and effective results. Our coaches are high-energy, committed, empathetic, and driven athletes with a strong presence, a significant amount of attention to detail when coaching movements, and the natural desire and to help others improve and succeed.

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CrossFit is all about Community. What continues to impress me so much about CrossFit is that no matter which box you go to it is comprised of genuine, hard working people. People who stay with you and cheer you on until the very last rep. The people here will help you clean up your barbell, hold you accountable and reach out to you to you if you don’t make it to class. It’s these community that keep us coming back for more, that keep us fighting to the last second of each WOD and the reason why we are better outside of the gym walls. It’s because of the community, I am proud to call myself a CrossFitter. – Goose

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We have people who have served/are serving in the military. We also have professional and collegiate athletes, we have business owners, teachers, doctors, bartenders, coaches, firefighters, police, nurses, moms, dads, grandparents, and more new and different people every day. And the positive attitude around the box is almost unreal.

Working out with a group of people, subconsciously encourages you to push your limits. Although we all have different fitness goals, we are all innately competitive beings at heart. By surrounding yourself with others working towards a common goal you push yourself further than you could have ever imagined. Get comfortable with letting your competitive nature work it’s magic during the strength set or WOD. Take a look at some of the scores on the board before the workout starts and find someone else’s score to use as your motivation to work harder.

Lastly, the awesomeness of the community is all about respect. Respect what we have here. Respect each other, that everyone starts from a different place and that the path to wellness is an individual process. Respect the ways of the gym. This entails showing up on time, listening, and knowing your weights and scores and putting them on the board. Respect this community. You all are the ones that make it what it is.

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