Can you do it unbroken?

Warmup (7 minutes)
One time through
20 Pull-ups
20 burpees
20 hollow rocks
20 air squats
50 double unders

Technique(10 minutes)
5×3 Tall Snatch -light
The tall snatch is simply the third pull of the snatch. It is begun with the lifter standing tall with no bend in the knees; some coaches will start the movement with flat feet and others on the toes. From this tall position, the lifter begins transitioning the feet from the pulling to receiving positions while pulling under the bar aggressively to receive it in the overhead squat position.

Strength/Speed (10 minutes)
5×3 Snatch Pull From the ground
5-10lbs over max.
Work on pushing knees back, set up position, bar path, and speed through the middle.

Oly – (10 minutes)
3×1 Squat Snatch

WOD (20 minutes)
Double unders

After Party – Lower body roll session