Calling all BurntToast-ies…

This Competitor Coalition is designed to prepare each and every one of you to throwdown at any given moment.  Classic CrossFit programming will be included throughout the yearly macro and micro cycles.  The BurntToastWOD will run alongside the general CrossFit Southie programming and will include additional volume, with a larger emphasis on technical movements and moving heavier loads, to match the needs to compete at a high level.

We will focus on shorter, more intense workouts but we will also venture into longer duration domains from time to time.  Workouts will be fun.  We will add in odd objects, unconvential movements and continue to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.   There will be team WODs, skill challenges and classes will consist of efficiency of movements and how to mentally approach workouts and prepare for competition.  There will be more challenging and effective mobility techniques to keep our engine primed and ready to go.  We will constantly strive for the shortcut to success by identifying our weaknesses and attacking them vigorously.

By joining the coalition, you are taking a step towards a higher level of fitness.  Levels will be posted for Open, Regional and Games bound competitors.  You will be held accountable and expected to compete, whether it be in a local throwdown or the CrossFit Games.  The coalition is designed to make you better at CrossFit, not any one aspect of CrossFit.  We are in this together, all striving for the same goal, to get better.


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