Coach Chris Berretta

Chris “Retta” Berretta


?Chris was born and raised in East Bridgewater, Ma and graduated with an Exercise Science B.S. degree from the University of New Hampshire. Since an early age Chris has been fascinated with human physiology, mainly exercise and nutrition.  He has trained a wide demographic of individuals ranging from high school athletes to the geriatric population and everything in between. Chris’s goal as a coach is to constantly evolve, gather valuable information regarding fitness and share it with each person to help achieve their goals and fitness potential.  Outside of Crossfit, Chris enjoys outdoor activities, music, and of course cooking and eating.

Hometown – East Bridgewater, MA
How long have you been Crossfitting? 3.5 Years
If you had to pick one word to sum up your life, what would that word be?  Thoughtful
What would your ideal WOD include?  Clean and Jerks, Muscle Ups, Double Unders
What are you most passionate about in life?  Helping People Feel Better
What is your favorite thing about Crossfit Southie?  The fact that everyone is friendly. Every hour is a new wave of friends I get to spend time with.
What goal are you hoping to accomplish in the near future? Just improving in every aspect of my life, everyday.

Crossfit Accomplishments or Career Highlights: ?
Owner/Creator of custom performance mobility pack the MOBLOKO (include link to website

Favorite or Best Crossfit Movement:
Squat Snatch

Words of encouragement to new crossfitters:
You’re going to have that body for the rest of your life, listen to it and take care of it. Follow the instructions of your coaches, pay attention to detail, and focus on form and technique. Increase the intensity by doing more work, going faster or using heavier weights ONLY when you’ve mastered the basics! Have fun, push yourself, meet new people and try new things. Working out shouldn’t be a chore, but a positive part of your life. Oh ya, don’t stress over what you eat, just enjoy quality foods and the occasional treat.

B.S. University of New Hampshire
Level 1 Crossfit Certification
Coaches Prep Course
Crossfit Endurance Certification
Crossfit Kettlebell Certification
Crossfit Mobility & Movement
Functional Movement System Level 1 Certification
CPR Certification