Crossfit Team Series! – CFS

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2017 Crossfit Team Series
The Team Series Starts TONIGHT!! Time to grab your Crossfit Bestie and sign up for the Crossfit Team Series! The Team series is a great way to test your fitness and have some fun with your Fit Fam! Teams consist of two athletes and can be same sex or mixed pairs. Similar to the open, the work outs are released through an online announcement and you’re given a few days to complete the prescribed Wods and submit your scores online. Also, similar to the Open this competition is for EVERYONE! There will be a RX and Scaled version for every Wod that is released! For more information and to register visit the team series website here.
Dates: Week 1 Wods Released 9/20, Score Submission Due Monday 9/25
Week 2 Wods Released 9/27, Score Submission Due Monday 10/2
Cost: $40.00 Per Team
Location: Wods are performed right here at CFS!

If you have ever encountered wrist pain during a workout involving overhead squats or movements requiring the front rack position you are not alone. Truth be told, the solution to that problem is almost always related to the flexibility of the muscular structures downstream from the wrist discomfort. Here is a list of the 3 main components to hit first.

Thoracic Spine: Grabbing a roller and hitting up and down your back is a great start. Most of you have exercised bad posture all day and all those muscles are glued together. Focus on the shoulder blades as we need those to move independently from the spine. While youre there don’t forget to roll your…

Lats: These muscles can greatly inhibit the position we’re striving for. The overhead band stretch is the best way of attacking this area. Make sure your palm is facing the sky before you step back and make sure you dive your head down to really open up the shoulder joint. Now onto the…

Triceps: You should have hit these quickly on the roller to warm them up but here is the money stretch. It is very important to create the best position possible. Standing tall, an active midline, with your hand outside of your shoulder facing upward is the set up. Then keeping that arm close to your ear and forcing your elbow straight up, perpendicular to the ground is where the magic happens.

Partner Medball Fun

Front Squat

In 5 Minutes Complete:
30 Toes to Bar
20 Wallballs
Then AMRAP Calorie Row

Rest 2 Minutes

In 5 Minutes Complete:
30 Wallballs
20 Calorie Row
Then AMRAP Toes to Bar

Rest 2 Minutes

In 5 Minutes Complete:
30 Calorie Row
20 Toes to Bar
Then AMRAP Wallballs

Level 2- 20/15 T2B Reps Only
Level 1 – 20/15 All Reps
ADV – 30/20 Wallball

City Of Presidents 5K This Sunday – CFS

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City of Presidents 5K Run/Walk in Quincy, MA: Sunday September 24th
In August of 2015, Gwen Zarnoch (a mainstay at CFS since 2011) and her family suffered an unimaginable loss. Their daughter, Emily, was killed in a tragic accident at the young age of 23. Emily was a school teacher in the Quincy Public School system. She was passionate about education and she loved running. She came to CFS with her mom for a while, and we were lucky to have her here.

The City of Quincy and the Quincy School department are dedicating their fourth annual road race, the City of Presidents 5K, to Emily again. This is very fitting as it combines her love of education and learning. Emily actually ran on the race route very frequently while out on her runs. It’s a flat, fast course that runs along the beach. There will be a cookout and lots of fun activities following the face at Adams Field following the race.

We’d love to see a large CrossFit Southie contingency at the race to support Gwen and her family and to honor Emily. Please click HERE to register, and post to comments if you plan to participate! We hope to see many of you there.

If you would like to carpool post to comments to coordinate.

8 min AMRAP
50’ Lunge
5 Inchworms + 5 Push Ups at bottom of each one.
50’ Duck Walk

Chest Rolling and Stretching

Every 2 minutes for 16 mins
3 Position Snatch
– High Hang
– Mid Hang
– Floor

Level 1- Power Snatch

2 Rounds
20 Power Snatches (95,65)
20 Front Rack Lunges
20 Ring Dips

Level 2- 75,50
Level 1- 55,35 Push-ups

All Sets Unbroken – CFS

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Form vs. Intensity
We understand that sometimes your daily workout at CrossFit can be a bit mentally overwhelming. We are always reminding you about form, technical steps, movement standards, and other things you have to think about on top of just trying to push yourself through a workout. As coaches our primary goal is to get you all moving SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY which is why we push good form and technique more than anything. It is 100% true that developing quality movement patterns will lead to increase ability to move weight in all the lifts we do and make movements that aren’t weightlifting related more efficient.

There is a bit of a gray area between form and intensity. What do I mean by intensity? Generally defined I am talking about how hard you are working leading to how fit you are getting. Bottom line is doing more work in less time makes for greater

intensity which will lead to you getting more fit. In a WOD intensity comes from moving as much as possible as quickly as possible. So intensity in a WOD comes from how fast you are moving and how much weight you are moving. This is where there is a challenge in where to find that intensity in a workout. Choosing a super (relative to you) light weight might mean you are moving like lightning but the amount of work you are doing isn’t as great as if you chose a heavier weight that you could still move fast. There is no exact science to choosing the “right” weight other than asking your coaches and making informed decisions based on your ability. On the platforms doing strength work intensity comes from how much weight you are moving. The more weight you move the more work you are doing in that amount of time it takes to do the lift. We can get into specifics about barbell speed and all that stuff but for now lets just keep it at more weight=more intensity.

So where does form come into play? We all know that there is a point where our form breaks down when intensity goes up. On the platforms heavier weights can make our form really go downhill in a short period of time. In a WOD moving quickly, especially in a longer wod and with a heavier (relative to you) weight can make for some questionable form as well.

Is this ok? When is intensity more important than form?

There is no 100% clear answer to this question. Newer and less experienced athletes should always use caution when doing work with weight until they get comfortable with the movements. Once you have done the movements one or two times around you should start building intensity through adding weight. With this said all of the lifts but especially the olympic lifts (snatch, clean, jerk) take a great deal of technical perfection to be able to increase weight. So paying attention to form in these lifts not only is safer but will make it possible for greater intensity down the line.

As you get more experience and know your ability better you should start pushing the envelope to get gre

ater intensity. My favorite answer to the form vs. intensity question is that it is kind of like a racecar driver, always in control but carefully toeing the line to get ahead. Sometimes you need to really push it to get to that next level of fitness. As long as you are careful to not completely abandon form it is sometimes good to really let it loose. This is true on the platforms and in workouts. Once you are an experienced lifter here at CFS and you feel comfortable with the lifts you should always be pushing to failure on the platforms. As you get an idea of where your limits are you should try to break through these limits every time you lift. This is the same in WODs. While everything we do is time and score based, sometimes moving more weight is more important that 1000 rounds or the best time of the day by a full minute. If you are not RXing a workout and you and your coach are comfortable with the weight you chose you probably shouldn’t be finishing the workout with ease. Push the weight, push the intensity, get more fit.

Remember, there is no exact science when answering this question. A lot of it falls on your own ability to judge yourself and your coaches ability to help you make the right decision. Always pay attention to the form and standard cues we give you. Once you get more experienced do not be afraid to go for those PRs and attempt more challenging weights in workouts. The end all be all to what we are doing here is trying to get fitter and healthier. Sometimes taking the training wheels off is the best way to get there.

Run 1 Loop (535m)

10-8-6-4-2 (Each Side)
Weighted Step-up
Bent over Row

800m Run
Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
Thrusters (115,75)
800m Run

Level 2 (95, 55), 600m
Level 1 (75,35), 600m , 10-8-6-4-2
ADV (135,95)

Coaches Tip: Choose a weight where you can get all sets unbroken.

Nutrition is the Foundation – CFS

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Nutrition is the Foundation

The post exercise meal is arguably the most important meal of the day. Imagine your body as a finely tuned automobile. During the course of the workout we are constantly putting the pedal to the metal which in turn burns fuel. If our gas gauge read FULL at the beginning, it now reads EMPTY. We need to replenish and refuel ourselves to ensure our tank is full for the next workout. If we return with anything less we run the risk of running out of fuel too soon, hitting the wall and potentially hurting ourselves. You wouldn’t want to punch it with the gas light on would you?! It is very important to get fuel (sugar, the good kind) into our bodies as soon as possible. These fast acting, super potent sugars can be found mainly in fruits (bananas, strawberries, apples, etc). Naturally, longer workouts require more fuel and shorter workouts require less fuel. But remember, don’t go overboard any excess sugars could potentially become stored as fat. BUT if you were to splurge on extra fruit, post WOD would be the time to indulge.

Now lets explore the belts, pistons and other moving parts. Over the course of our intense workout our muscles are constantly being contracted which leads to microscopic muscle breakdown. This is also the reason we become sore after a tough workout. But don’t sweat, our body constantly adapts to this and rebuilds those exhausted, broken down muscles to actually come back bigger and stronger than before. We just need to give it the right building blocks. Those building blocks are called branched chain amino acids (BCAAs or in other words protein). These are essential to life and very important post WOD. The best sources of BCAAs can be found in whey protein powder, chicken, beef, eggs, etc) Again remember, the sooner we get those building blocks into our body the sooner the rebuilding process can occur. Whey protein powder is the fastest acting, but don’t shy away from hard boiled eggs or lean chicken breast if need be. All sources are great.

The point is we MUST refuel and rebuild. It is recommended that simple sugars and protein (2:1 ratio) are consumed together within 30 minutes post exercise. Protein shakes blended with ice and fruit are the most convenient way to prepare ourselves for the next workout. Lay off the fat immediately after exercise which tends to slow down sugar and protein absorption.

Your body is a finely tuned machine, treat it like one.

8 min AMRAP
50’ Waiters Walk per side
5 Kettlebell Press per side
15 Russian Swings
12/10 Cals Bike or Ski

Strict Press

50 Calorie Bike
50 Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)
50 Calories Ski Erg

Level 2- 1.5,1
Level 1- 1, 0.75 30 Reps/Cals

Endurance Class @ 10am in Southie Orange
Sprint Ladder
100m, 200m, 400m, 200m, 100m

Time Trial
800m Run

Box Jumps
KB Swings
EMOM 100m sprint

Weekly Strength/Benchmark Schedule

At Home WOD
Hand Release Push Ups
Jumping Squats
Hollow Rocks

From The Box To The Bar Crawl! – CFS

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Our goal is to work to do each WOD in the least amount of time possible, with as little modifications as possible. The key to fitness is intensity. Very often, the shortest wods, when done in an all out fashion, are the most intense and produce the greatest fitness results. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, that’s how we get better at CrossFit and at life.

It’s your responsibility to start looking at each workout and deciding which approach you are going to take to get it done the fastest. Depending upon the amount of work in the WOD, you may pace it differently. For example, if “Helen” was only one round for time you would probably run the fastest 400m as you possibly could. In this case, where we are doing three rounds, you may want to pace the runs and try to not break up the swings and pull-ups. The key to producing fast times in CrossFit is to not catch yourself standing around. Keep moving at all times! Don’t put that kettlebell down, jump right back up on that bar. Once you can do the WOD unbroken, do it faster.

CFS Bar Crawl TODAY!!
Join us for the CFS Annual Bar Crawl! Route will be as follows

  • Battery Park 3:30-4:30
  • The Landing 4:45-6:15
  • Tia’s 6:30-7:45
  • Wild Rover 8:00- ????

Wild Rover is providing CFS with our own VIP Room! There is no line, no cover charge and they will have food for us to refuel after a long days journey! We hope to see you all there! If you only happen to make it to the last bar be sure to go to the front of the line and tell them you’re with CFS!

Take Care of those hands!
Crossfit challenges us with large quantities of pull ups, climbing up ropes, sumo deadlift high pulling and repping out those toes –to-bars. These great movements can sometimes leave our hands battered and bruised with the occasional blister. There are ways to prevent hand injuries from occurring and also ways to take care of injuries that couldn’t be avoided.

“I want to build calluses because it will toughen my hands”

The build up of calluses is usually the culprit of superficial hand injuries. Ideally, we’d like to have nice smooth hands with an even surface throughout. You can purchase callus shavers or pumice stones online, or at your local pharmacy to shave down any excess skin. Soaking your hands or showering before shaving will work best. As another preventative measure, be sure to wash all chalk off of hands after workouts and use moisturizer such as bag-balm, to prevent drying out of the hands.

Grips and chalk also work to improve our grip and prevent and protect any cuts on the palm. If you know a lot of pull ups are on deck don’t be afraid to use grips to help prevent ripping. !

Sometimes we push ourselves so hard that hand injuries occur even after careful maintenance of our precious hands (a small price to pay for the great things we are doing for the inside of our bodies). If a hand cut does occur, use warm soap and water to clean the area, apply antibacterial ointment, and cover for the first few hours. After that, remove the dressing and let nature heal the rest. Also, don’t forget to wipe down your pull up bar or barbell after the WOD if you did encounter a mid workout hand injury and kept going.

We now have DRVN hand grips available for sale at the front desk for $20.00, if/when you find yourself needing a pair!

1. 15/12 Calorie Row
2. 50 Double Unders
3. 10/7 Strict Pull Ups
*Scale reps back as necessary

Shoulders and Calves

Every 3 Minutes for 30 Minutes X Calorie Row
X Double Unders
X Pull-ups

RX- 15/50/10
Level 2- 12/20/7
Level 1- 8/100 singles/5 Pull-ups
ADV- 20/50/5 Bar Muscle-ups

*There is no built-in rest other than what you earn. If you get too winded take a round off, but you will need to wait for the next round to begin. Pick a level and stick with it.

Coaches Tip: You should have 30 seconds to 1 minute of rest after the first few intervals. If you have less than 30 seconds off the bat, scale the reps. If you have more than a minute, choose a more challenging version.

Benchmark WOD: “The Chief” – CFS

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The Showdown is Coming…
We’re excited to announce that our seventh annual Southie Showdown will be held on November 11th & November 12th! This is a two-day individual competition designed to challenge first-time competitors, fire-breathers and everyone in between. We have three divisions – Advanced, Rx, & Intermediate and expect over 250 athletes to compete!

This is a great community event and we hope all CrossFit Southie members will participate in some way – whether you compete, volunteer, judge, or just come by to spectate and check out the vendors! Save the date for what’s guaranteed to be a great weekend!

Want to Compete?
Registration for the Showdown will open on October 4th and typically sells out within 48 hours… so if you plan to compete, be sure to sign up fast! There are three divisions – Advanced, Rx & Intermediate. You can check out the suggested standards HERE and kick your training into high gear!

If you have any questions on how to get ready to compete or which division to sign up for, just check in with one of your coaches. We’re hoping to have a large Southie representation on the competition floor this year!

Want to Help Out? We need Judges & Volunteers!
With over 250 athletes competing, we need all the help we can get to help this event run smoothly. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved at some point over the weekend. No contribution is too small, and we thank you so much in advance for your help!

Judging is an awesome way to be involved in the action all weekend long and is a crucial job to running the Showdown. If you can count and are familiar with CrossFit movements, we can teach you how to judge – no experience required. All judges will receive a free t-shirt and lunch each day. To sign up to judge, please click HERE.

Not interested in judging, but still want to help out? You can be a volunteer! We have plenty of other jobs that we need help with – from working at the CFS retail tent, helping change out equipment, collecting score cards, etc. To see available jobs and to sign up to volunteer, please click HERE.

We thank you in advance for your support and we’re looking forward to another amazing Showdown!

2 Rounds
3 minute AMRAP for Quality
3 Muscles Cleans
6 Hand-Release Push Ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 minute
*Add light weight for round 2, repeat.

GHD Sit-up
Glute-ham raise

WOD (20 mins)
“The Chief”
5 Rounds
3 minute AMRAP
3 Power Cleans (135, 95)
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 minute

Level 2- (115,75)
Level 1- (95, 45)

Scores/Comments from “The Chief” performed on 8/6/15

Rest 5 Minutes

Power Output Test
30/25 Calorie Assault Bike for Time*
*2 minute cap

8 Minute Zip Drive – CFS

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Body Maintenance

There will be no BirthFit class today

3 Rounds
In 90 seconds
Run 100m
AMRAP Double Unders
Rest 30 seconds

L1 – Double Under Attempts
ADV – Heavy Rope or Triple Unders

Shoulders and Calves

Back Squat

8 Minute AMRAP
10 Shoulder to Overhead (115,75)
200m Run

Rest 4 Minutes

8 Minute AMRAP
10 Overhead Squats (115,75)
40 Double Unders

Level 2 (95, 55), 20 Double Unders
Level 1 (75,35), 50 Singles

1 2 3 72