Paleo Challenge

*Back by popular demand the next Paleo Challenge will officially begin on September 10th and will run until November 5th. There will be a paleo lecture for those who are new to the paleo challenge and for those who need a refresher. The lecture will be held on Tuesday, August 28th at 7pm. We will be using the same benchmarks as last time: Fran, Christine, and Max Clean and Jerk , as well as an 1 mile run. These will be tested in classes on September 4th-7th. Measurements will be taken on Saturday, September 1st and the following week (3rd-7th). We will be using an online tracking system and a new point system  (info on that soon). The challenge will run right up until the Southie Garage Games, look for details on that in the next coming days. To view the results for the paleo challenge from earlier this year click here*

Paleo Meals by


Join Chef Michael DePaolis of Paleo meals by Essence and for a tasting of his menu items on August  21 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. At Crossfit Southie. He will be on site and talking with you about his fresh prepared Paleo meals that will be available for delivery to Crossfit Southie.  Michael is a Chef and Crossftitter at Crossfit Route 1.  Michael found at 42, he needed to loose that spare tire so he joined Crossfit Route 1 and in three months of doing Crossfit and eating Paleo he lost 40 pounds!  After talking with some fellow crossfitters about wanting to eat Paleo, but not having the time to buy the product and prepare it, Paleo Meals by Essence and was born.  Currently the program is being piloted in Crossfit Route 1 and response has been amazing.

There will be an interactive website to order your meals from.  You can choose from two different delivery days to ensure quality and freshness. The website will work on all smartphones and an App will be coming soon! We are excited to bring this opportunity to Crossfit Southie and look forward to you joining us!!  Menu information will be available at the tasting.


Work up to a 1 rep max snatch

4 Rounds
12 KB swings (1.5,1)
12 Burpees

Level 2 (1, .75p)
Level 1 (.75,.5p)

This workout is intended to be short and fast. The swings should be light, fast and unbroken and most people will finish in under 5 minutes.

After drilling the Snatch you will have 30-35 minutes to find a 1rm, please use the entire time to find a true 1rm.  Do not leave anything in the tank for the WOD.  The WOD is like a cookie, you only get cookies when you behave and go for a true 1rm on the Snatch.