Southie Spotlight – January Achievements!


Southie Spotlight
Kicking off 2020 with a bang! Congratulations on an amazing month of goal crushing, below are your January Achievements. If we missed one please let us know, we love to celebrate your accomplishments. Scroll down to see our updated “Jackie” and “Deadlift” Leaderboards!


2 Minutes Max Cals
Assault Bike/Ski Erg
*Sub Row or Air Runner here if necessary

2 Rounds
:30 on/:15 off
1. Jumping Lunges
2. Russain Swings
3. Goblet Squats

Midline Madness
2x Through
40s Work: 20s Rest
1. Plank-ups feet on meball
2. Jack Knives w med ball
3. Russian Twists
4. Knee Tucks feet on medball

6 Rounds
30s work/15s Rest
1. Ski Erg
2. Kettlebell Lunges 2|1.5
3. Assault Bike
4. Ring Dips
5. Kettlebell Swings

Complete 6 Rounds at Each station. Once 6 Rounds are complete Rest 1 Minute and then Rotate.

Score= Total Reps

Level 2- 1.5|1
Level 1- 1|0.75, Bench Dips

Extra Work
3 Position Squat Clean
3×3 @ 80%
Below the Knee
Above the Knee