Nutrition Challenge Winners

Dec 2nd, 2015

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Nutrition Challenge Winners

What's Your GamePlan?

What’s Your GamePlan?

Save the Date! Holiday Cocktail Party – Saturday, December 5th
What: CFS Annual Holiday Cocktail Party
When: Saturday, December 5th, 7pm – ???
Where: MJ O’Connors @ the Westin Waterfront
Dress: Dressy/Cocktail Attire
We’ll have the entire bar reserved until 11pm. Please join us to celebrate the holiday season! All are welcome – friends, family, significant others, etc. We hope to see everyone there!

Nutrition Challenge Winners

Drumroll please… we finally have our Nutrition Challenge winners! For the first time, we offered two different versions of our nutrition challenge: the classic Paleo Challenge, and a Performance Nutrition Challenge. Though different in their rules, both focused on treating food as fuel and fueling our bodies properly for workouts. As you can see, both versions of the challenges yielded great results!

Choosing winners is always tough. It’s not all about weight loss – it’s a combination of total points, improvements in benchmarks, and improvements in measurements/weight loss. NickBeforeAfterEveryone who participated in these challenges did a great job over the course of six weeks and we are so proud of everyone. These two stood out above the rest, and their results speak for themselves! Check out their amazing transformations, and be sure to congratulate them next time you see them in the box!

Paleo Challenge Winner: Nick Alonso
Prize: $200
Total Points: 829
Weight: – 12.8 pounds (6.8%)
Waist: -2”
Hips: -0.5”
Fran: -13 seconds
1 Mile Run: -26 seconds
Christine: -5 seconds

KadyBeforeAfterPerformance Challenge Winner: Kady Chochrek
Prize: $100
Total Points: 1035
Weight: -15 pounds (8.2%)
Waist: -2”
Hips: -1.25”
Fran: -1:20
1 Mile Run: -34 seconds
Christine: -37 seconds

In addition to crushing the challenge and seeing some great physical results, both Nick and Kady entered their first CrossFit competition, and competed in the Southie Showdown! It was great to see them out there on the competition floor all weekend long and to see how the changes they made during the six week challenge greatly improved their performance over the weekend. For example, when the challenge started, Kady could only do a handful of unassisted pull ups, and zero chest to bar pull ups. During the Showdown, she completed all 30 unassisted pull ups in “Patilac” AND did some chest to bar pull ups during “What’s Your Gameplan?”!

Do these results inspire you? Us too! We’ll be hosting another nutrition challenge in the new year. This will be the perfect way to get back on track after the long holiday season. Get excited to participate!

1. Push-press
2. Push-jerk

14 Minute AMRAP
7 Clean and Jerks (135,95)
21 Calorie Row

Level 2- (115,75)
Level 1- (95,55)

DISCUSSION 17 Comments

  1. Ryan Gould 12/03/2015 at 5:29 pm

    Congrats Nick and Kady!

    PP: 135 x 3
    PJ: 165 x 2

    WOD: 4+5 L2

  2. Manny Rodriguez 12/03/2015 at 1:06 am

    185 pp/pj
    Wod: 5 RX

  3. Mike Quigley 12/02/2015 at 10:04 pm

    Congrats guys
    205 push press, 225 push jerk
    6+12 Rx

  4. Petra 12/02/2015 at 2:55 pm

    Kady & Nick – great job! Congrats!

  5. Morgan 12/02/2015 at 2:46 pm

    PP – 133 PJ – 123 – shoulder was feeling funky so I backed off
    wod: 6+4 rx
    YAY Nick and Kady!

  6. Kurt Brumme 12/02/2015 at 2:40 pm

    WOD: 5+3 Rx

  7. Joel 12/02/2015 at 2:33 pm

    Great work Nick and Kady!

    push press: 125
    push jerk: 135 (stayed lighter to work on form)
    wod: 4 + 5 at 95# i need to work on rowing for calories

  8. Crowley 12/02/2015 at 2:03 pm

    Congrats Nick and Kady!

    push press: 195
    push jerk: 205
    wod: 6 rx

  9. Brian M. Maser 12/02/2015 at 1:59 pm

    Congrats to the winners!

    PP: 175
    PJ: 215
    WOD: 6+6 Rx

  10. melstec 12/02/2015 at 1:58 pm

    You guys look great, and I’m sure you feel even better!! 🙂

    Push press: 125×3
    Push jerk: 140×2
    WOD: 6 RX

  11. Nick Alonso 12/02/2015 at 1:58 pm

    WOD: 4+19

    Thank you for the congratulations. No alcohol and paleo dieting was tough but really worth it. Congrats to my fellow competitors as well.

  12. Brendan Caslin 12/02/2015 at 1:56 pm

    WOD: 7+8 rx

  13. Ben Brauer 12/02/2015 at 1:36 pm

    Strength: 195, 205
    WOD: 6+6 Rx

  14. Frawls 12/02/2015 at 1:29 pm

    Nice work Nick and Kady!
    PP: 155×3 easing back into it
    PJ: Worked on form with the bar
    WOD: 4+14 Rx weight and 18 Cal on Assault Bike

  15. CashLady 12/02/2015 at 1:05 pm

    Push press: 85#
    Push jerk: 115#
    WOD: 5 – L2

  16. haley 12/02/2015 at 12:57 pm

    Congratulations, guys! Keep up the awesome work .. proud of you 🙂

  17. Eddy 12/02/2015 at 2:00 am

    Killer, Nick! Can easily see the progress in strength and speed so keep it up!