What’s in your gym bag?

Siddhi in India
Siddhi in India

Siddhi recently took a trip to India – and was able to rep CrossFit Southie while she was there! In addition to doing some awesome handstands on the beach, she was able to visit CrossFit boxes in Mumbai and Pune. So cool! If you’ve got any sweet photos of you reppin’ CFS in cool places, please share them. We’d love to see!

What’s in your gym bag?
You’re supposed to read the title in the man’s voice from Capital One…what’s in your wallet? Go ahead, try it again.

Good. Mow that we got that over with, let’s talk about a gym bag and some nice, good-to-have knick-knacks for it. I’ll start with mine. I have a good ole Reebok CrossFit gym bag that I ended up getting for free from Reebok after we won the First Responder Challenge last year….wait maybe two years ago? I can’t remember because we were back-to-back CHAMPIONS! But anyways, I got this nice Reebok bag and probably within the year buckles started breaking, a few rips appeared. Felt like a boss because my bag looked like it went to war. So this thing is barely holding on, but it works…and works well. I basically keep everything in my bag, day in and day out. Here’s the list:

Oly Shoes: The Oly Shoes are a key part of the bag. I try to wear them every time we hit the platforms or if the workout calls from a large number of squats. Weight in the heels,baby!

Speed rope: I’m not gonna get into the specifics of ropes because I am sure you can search on the site for a post about jump roping, but how many times have you gone over to the wall to grab a rope and everything gets tangled up and you literally feel helpless. Then when you finally pull one out of the twisted web of ropes, and size it up and it’s too short. Do yourself a favor: buy a rope, bring it in, get it measured, cut it to the length and throw it in your gym bag.IMG_8385

Mobility tools: Softball, baseball, lacrosse ball, tennis ball, basketball…whatever it is that helps you find those knotted up spots in your thoracic spine, get one. Of course there are plenty at the gym, but there have been countless times I’ve broken out a band or a ball at home or at work to touch up some of those tough areas.

Weight Belt: Again, another tool you can find at the gym when you go for that max deadlift. But if you happen to be in Dick’s sporting goods or Sports Authority and they happen to be on sale, and you happen to have a few bucks lying around, it’s a good investment.

Socks: An extra pair of socks goes a long way. I would recommend a longer pair for those days where you forget that rope climbs are in the workout. It’s pretty much THE WORST when you have to do rope climbs and don’t have something to cover those beautiful ankles and calves. Then you go over to the shelf and grab a roll of tape and start wrapping yourself up like a mummy. Then you have to pull the tape off. This one doesn’t even cost you anything; just grab a long pair of socks and throw them in your gym bag.

Tape: It’s nice to have your own roll of tape to wrap up your legs when you forget your socks.

Wrist Wraps:  Who here hates overhead squats because their wrists always hurt? Me too! Wrist wraps will give you some added protection, but don’t forget you have those mobility tools to help with that wrist flexibility too!

Extra T-Shirt: Summers coming, baby! That means sopping wet shirts after a WOD. Everyone’s hugging and fist pounding and it’s just nasty. Ok, so yeah, maybe no one really hugs it out after a WOD, and if you look like Goose, you probably tossed your shirt after the first round, but for the rest of us who have to drive home or end up getting a few ciders and burgers without buns at Stadium after a WOD, a dry T-Shirt does wonders.

Deodorant: Self Explana…..wait for it…tory

Notebook and Pen: Sure, in the 21st century and the digital age we all have smart phones and take pictures of the WOD or type in our times/scores, but if you’re old school and still keep a diary like me, a notebook in the gym bag allows you to write down those PRs while they are still fresh in your memory. Progress. And if you want to truly be badass, you can scoop one of the CrossFit Southie journals at the front desk.

Protein Shaker/Water bottle: Staying hydrated before a workout and getting the necessary recovery protein post workout is important. Throw a shaker in your gym bag and a few scoops of protein in a small Tupperware container. Your body will thank you later after you replenish those macronutrients immediately after a workout. Just make sure to wash the shaker when you get home after each use. They basically become a petri dish if unattended.

Swimming goggles: For those rainy days at CrossFit Southie and 800m is on the board. I just happen to have a pair in my bag for those seldom few days I decide to hit the pool for a few laps (anddddd if I left them anywhere else I’d lose them).

Mustache Comb: Because any upstanding man with a mustache needs to have a comb to keep it in tip top condition. It doesn’t look this good on its own.

Most of the stuff in my gym bag is readily available at the gym, so I’m not saying you need to go out and purchase all of this sweet gear. But for those who sometimes workout at home, on the road, or at work, a well-stocked gym bag is money in the bank and a lot of this stuff is sold right in the gym.

Overhead Squat

13 Minute AMRAP
10 Hang Power Snatches (115,75)
30 Double Unders
10 Burpee Lateral Jumps

Level 2- (95,55) 15 Double Unders
Level 1 – (75,35) 60 Singles

Mobility Class:
Upper Body