Class Level Distinctions


get inventive with your workout

As you may have noticed on the schedule going forward we have added an RX level amongst our L1/L2, All Levels and Competitor class distinctions.  In order to take an Rx class you do not have to complete the prescribed weights or unassisted body weight movements, we just ask that you have previously done the movements before in a class or are comfortable with some sort of modification.  There will not be as much coddling during the Rx classes and time will be spent on furthering skills.  For example, on muscle up day we will not review pull ups and dips during Rx classes.  Instead, we will spend most of our time working muscle up technique and transitions.  If you are a newbie (don’t have the kip quite down yet, have never set up a ring dip with the bands), we suggest you show up to the L1/L2 classes or the All Levels classes as time will be spent going into detail on technique, how to setup, how to scale appropriately, etc.. Lastly, if you have been a member for 2+ months and have seen all the movements a few times don’t be fearful of jumping into the Rx classes.  These classes are going to help further your skills, push you a little harder and free up some room in the L1/L2 classes for more newbies to learn.  Lastly, all are welcome for All Levels classes.  These classes are at non high traffic times and we will have multiple coaches on when necessary to help with all ability levels often breaking up by skill set.  Thank you for abiding to these class distinctions as we are able to teach more effectively and efficiently in doing so.


We would really like to help out CFNE  with some judges. Judging is a great way to get more involved with CrossFit and a great way to meet others in the community. Here are some details from Mel:

We NEED: 48 Judges for the Northeast Fire Breather Festival! We have a handful right now. The more judges we have, the smoother the event runs and the more breaks the judges get.
Criteria: You do NOT need to be certified. Just a CrossFit enthusiest.
Perks: FREE FOOD and t-shirt. Plus a BEER social Saturday and Sunday night.
Sign Up: Register as a volunteer, then email [email protected] to confirm you want to be a judge.
When: Movement standards meeting is Friday September 7th at 7pm. Competition starts Sat and Sun

With a partner:
50 front squats (135,95)
75 pull-ups
100 partner wallballs (20/14)
125 Double Unders
1500m row

Level 2 (105,65)
Level 1 (75,45)