Wheelbarrow Walk?!?!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday marks the culmination of what started many months ago with 7minutes of burpees. Most dudes and dutettes, athletes and those gifted with a body built for chess were simply glad when the Crossfit Games Open was closed. However some local studs and studettes were not simply satisfied with some smashing of the Opens. Southie Team A qualified to take a swing at the regional competition. After a tough weekend of hitting new personal bests and surviving adversity in the face of burly northeast competition Southie has proven their fitness is worthy of the world stage. They are going to the Crossfit Games silly. If you have not heard already you probably live under a rock. And under that rock is a lack of inter-web communication capabilities.

So here is the low down on whats going on here at Southie Superhero Headquarters. And what to look forward to.

1. We got a projector: We will stay current with the live streams the best the Internet can provide. You can watch the team compete in CA in the comfort of our own rubber floor.

2. Competition schedule: As of most recent research. Since CA is a few hrs ahead things run late. I’ll be around as much as peeps want to be around. The closer we get to game time and once things pop off, the schedule will and or should become a bit more clear. Stay updated via the Games site.

  • Friday, July 13: 5:15 – 11:15 p.m., ET
  • Saturday, July 14: 1:30 – 5 p.m. and 8:30 – 11:30 p.m., ET
  • Sunday, July 15: 1:30-7:30 p.m., ET

3. What to bring:
A: Contribute to the communal funds. I had a Poland Springs jug full of change and some loose bills that I started years ago for some occasion that at the time I knew not what it would be or when it was going down. I suppose this is the time to crack that bad Larry. Contribute to that Jug, the funds go to picking up food and beverage for the weekend. Wholefoods has some mean Chicken sausages.
B: Bring some food, some something for everyone instead of a donation. We got some wicked good cooks and bakers familiar with Paleo-esque substitutions fun for friends and families. So bring a plate, enough to share and we can trade some Chicken sausage and Cider for Paleo Cupcakes and other tasty bits.
C: Bring your buds. Have a friend, bring em down. Got kids? Stray kids will NOT be given a free espresso and a puppy. But all are welcome.

Stop by for a few have a bite to eat and some suds amongst studs and catch a glimpse of our own local superstars. If you got questions comments or concerns let me know. [email protected]


With a partner
3 Rounds
800m sandbag run (36,24)
40 Toes to Bar
20 Sandbag Up and overs (36,24)
100 feet wheelbarrow walks

**you can partition the reps as you would like, including the sandbag run distance. If the wheelbarrow walk is too difficult then the substitution is 30 hr push-ups for the team.  You may also sub a medball for the sandbag up and overs where need be**