What’s Your GamePlan?


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GamePlan Nutrition

Yo Southie cats! Whats good?  Your boy TJ-Rex making a guest appearance up on the CF Southie Blog.  Those of you who know me know we have talked about many of things during my time as a coach at CF Southie; bazookas, Rocky IV, the Van Winklevosses and getting thrown out of Chile…for life.  Those of you who don’t know me, maybe you have noticed the blow-up dinosaurs around the box? Ya? Well those are mine, so I hope that validates me.  Anywho, all that stuff is good and fun, but today I am here to talk to you about something very serious! Pirating DVDs; it isn’t a victimless crime! Jokes.  I am here to talk about Supplementation.  For real.

When you first become a CrossFitter, you may notice your body begins to transform within weeks.  You start to lose fat, build muscle and probably get sore in places you never thought possible. However, after some time you may hit a plateau.  Your strength gains are not continuing on the same dramatic path they once were. Or maybe you aren’t losing the last few extra pounds you want to.  This is because exercising is only part of the battle.  The other part is maintaining a healthy diet.  As a CrossFitter you ask your body to do some pretty crazy things. At times your training can be so intense that it is hard to get all the good stuff you need out of your daily food intake, without also eating things that may be not be so healthy for you.  But have no fear!  This is where dietary supplements step up to the plate.  Dietary supplements aid your diet, and in return help your body to transform.  Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle or just recover faster from your workouts, there as supplements for just about everything.

So some of you may or may not know I have been working with a company called Game Plan Nutrition. Game Plan is a supplementation company that produces a number of different products.  Game Plan’s products are used in just about every professional sport because they are banned substance free, NSF certified and all natural, not containing a lot of the unhealthy fillers that a protein like Progenex uses. I was hired by Game Plan to create different partnerships within the world of CrossFit.  I figured what better place to start then my old stomping ground Crossfit Southie??! You will not find our products in GNC.  We figure the coaches at CrossFit Southie are better informed to know what their athletes need then the guy behind the counter at GNC. And that is the basis for everything we do.  We want to take the power away from the local vitamin shop and put it back in the hands of the fitness professional to better serve you.

If you have a specific fitness goal in mind, inform one of the coaches at CF Southie and ask them “Whats my Game Plan?”  All the coaches have access to the CrossFit Southie/Game Plan partner page.  Based on your fitness goals they can add specific products to your personal “GAME PLAN” and email this to you.  You as the athlete will receive your GAME PLAN in your email.  You can then put in your billing and shipping info and your Game Plan should be on your doorstep the very next day. By using the Crossfit Southie/Game Plan partnership you will receive 10% off all orders. All the products come in a 1 month supply. If you sign up for a subscription you will get free shipping on your orders and your GAME PLAN will show up on your doorstep every 30 days, until you stop or pause your subscription.  You can stop your subscription up to the day before it ships out.  You can sign up for a 1 time delivery too, if thats what you prefer, but you will have to pay shipping.  If you want to check out the products yourself go to the Crossfit Southie/Game Plan partner page at https://crossfitsouthie.gameplan.com/ .  You can also create your own GAME PLAN yourself, with out the help of a coach, but make sure you go through the Crossfit Southie page in order to receive your 10% discount.

You may be asking, “But TJ, tell me about the products! What wonders can they work?” All in good time mi amigos. I feel this is enough information for now.  If you go to the link I posted above you can see all of our products with a label of nutrition facts and ingredients as well as a recommended use and dosage.  I am going to write a different blog on specific products that may be of interest to a CrossFitter and post it to the Burnt Toast Page. So when you are good and ready  head on over there and feast on my knowledge of the wonderful world of supplements. Now that I have dropped all that info on you I only have one question, What’s your Game Plan?


100 Burpees
1 Clean and Jerk (185,115)

Level 3 (155,105)
Level 2 (125,80), 75 Burpees
Level 1 (95,55), 60 burpees

You can take a full minute off. I you complete the clean and jerk and rest the remainder of the minute. If you miss the full minute including the clean and jerk, you owe a 500m row. A 500m row for every round missed.

Lower body