Weighted Gymnastics, Bear, Burner


Warm up – 100 double unders

Gymnastics Strength
EMOM for 14 minutes
Odd – 2RM C2B pull up
Even – 2 RM ring dip

Use a dip belt, a dumbbell between the feet or a vest.

Strength – start with the class.
EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Bear Complex- working up to a max load

*You may ascend in weight for the last few rounds but be sure to start at a challenging weight*

WOD – 15 minutes
3 Rounds
20 Shoulder to Overhead
80 Double Unders

Games – (165/115)
Regional (155/105)
Open (135/95)

Ca$HOut –
Max Windshield Wipers – down and back is 2
Max HSPU – Games – Parallettes to an abmat
Max Windshield Wipers