Wednesday off, Thursdays on

kirsten bt

We will be changing are off days to Wednesdays and Sundays going forward through the Opens.  For the next two weeks, Thursdays classes will be held alongside the general class where we will be going over movement standards and performing a judged WOD with a partner.  We will continue in this fashion for the following 5 weeks for the Open Wods.  You will also see a lot of AMRAP’s in the next 2 weeks.  Now is the time to learn to pick a pace and when and when not to push.

Floater WODs

4 rounds of
10 Ring Dips
10 Box Jumps

Games 40lb vest
Regional 20lb vest
Open no vest

Weight Lifting
100 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95

With a Partner:
4 Rounds each of:
Run 200m/50 dubs
Max (weakness exercise)

One person works at a time and completes an entire round before the other partner goes.

Ex. Muscle Ups/Pull Ups without coming off the rings
Hang Squat cleans