Wednesday 8/6 – Olympic Lifting Class

goose oh squat

Warm Up
10 Push Press
5 Snatch Grip Push Press
10 Overhead Squat w/ pause
5 Snatch

Banded hip & shoulder stretching

6 x 1 @ 90%
3 x 3 @ 70%

Push Press
3 x 3, ascending

Glute Ham Raises 3 -5 sets of 5

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  • jason barrow

    08/07/2014 @ 1:01 am

    Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend. How many giant oly classes does there have to be before everyone concedes that people aren’t skipping out on tough WODs, they want to slam bars and move big weight!

    Snatch: 6x1x140
    Snatch: 3x3x110
    Push Press: 3×135,145,155
    GHR: Haley got rid of these, nobody complained

    That 3×155 Push Press is cool because that matches my 3RM push press from before my long time off. My attitude’s been that I’m not going to chase my old numbers, just going to let things happen naturally and not rush anything, so it’s comforting to see the strength come back.

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