Wednesday 8/24 – OlyWOD w/ Coach Patrick Hopkins

Coach Pat Hopkins is taking over the reigns on the Oly Program

Warmup (5 Minutes) Core Lift (25 Minutes w/demo) Accessory (10-15 Minutes) Squat (15 Minutes)
Week 1
Active Stretch
Barbell Warmup
Power Snatch + Snatch
5x(1+1)Note: Working Load Range 60-80% 1RM
Snatch Pull


Front Squat

3×350% 1RM. Focus on Timing


5 minutes to get the body warm and move through the mechanics each lift.

Barbell warmup:
10x Snatch/Clean Grip Shrug
5x Snatch/Clean Pull from Hang
5x Press from Back Rack
5x Push Press from Back Rack
5x OHS/Front Squat
5x Snatch Balance/Jerk


After demo of main lift/complex of the day the clock will be set on a 3 minute EMOM. This provides adequate/optimal rest between sets and provides for coaching cues and corrections for individual athletes.


Meant to be done immediately following last set of the core lift. Movement desinged to enforce good habbits form lifts and strengthen pulls.


Same clock principles as core lifts. Move with purpose and minimalize rest.