Wednesday 7/31 Oly Class

Coach Pat Hopkins is taking over the reigns on the Oly Program

Active Stretch Barbell Warmup
5 minutes to get the body warm and move through the mechanics each lift.

Barbell warmup:
10x Snatch/Clean Grip Shrug
5x Snatch/Clean Pull from Hang
5x Press from Back Rack
5x Push Press from Back Rack
5x OHS/Front Squat
5x Snatch Balance/Jerk”

Core Lift
“Power Clean + Push Jerk
5x(2+2) Note: Workign Load Range 65-85% 1RM”

After demo of main lift/complex of the day the clock will be set on a 3 minute EMOM. This provides adequate/optimal rest between sets and provides for coaching cues and corrections for individual athletes

Halting Clean Pull 80(2×3)

Meant to be done immediately following last set of core lift.

Back Squat
Working at 60-80%

Same Clock as core lift