Nutrition Challenge Results – CFS

Liz and Mel
Liz and Mel

Another Nutrition Challenge has come to an end, and once again we could not be happier with the results and more proud of everyone who participated. Sticking to any new nutrition regiment for six weeks is extremely difficult; however, forming these new habits can help improve your overall health and yield amazing results in the gym.

This Nutrition Challenge was not strictly a paleo challenge like in the past. Yes, the goal was to eat mostly real foods; however, we focused on fueling our body for optimal results and performance. This meant paying attention to nutrient timing surrounding our workouts, and in many cases, eating more healthy carbs than we had been in the past. Almost all participants noted feeling more energized during their workouts, and their results certainly spoke for themselves when they retested their benchmark workouts. If you missed out on this Nutrition Challenge and would like more information on nutrient timing and eating for performance, please stop by the desk and pick up a packet full of useful information!

As always, choosing a winner for this challenge was tough. Everyone who made it through the entire six weeks of the challenge showed tremendous discipline and had great improvements on their baseline measurements and benchmark workouts. However, winning the challenge is not all about weight loss. It is about consistency and points across food logs, as well as increased performance and improved baseline markers. Our two winners were committed to logging their food and improved in all areas.

Please join us in congratulating our winners… Sergio & Katia Hichos!

Sergio Before & AfterSergio and Katia have both done nutrition challenges here before; however, they attacked this one together and stuck to the plan almost perfectly. Sergio only had one cheat throughout the entire six weeks! With two little children, it can be difficult to get to the gym and take time to focus on your own nutrition. They found ways to hold each other accountable and made sure they were able to take turns getting to the gym as often as possible. Having someone to stick by you through the challenge is invaluable and it’s great to have someone who can share their good habits with you. If you’re looking to ramp up your nutrition, follow Sergio & Katia’s lead: grab your significant other or workout buddy, and attack a challenge together. Who knows… your dedication and new habits may rub off on others around you. Katia told us that their young son Sebastian didn’t want to eat the cupcakes at his recent birthday party because they had “too much sugar!” He’s learning from his mom and dad, that’s for sure!

Check out their awesome six-week transformations below. Congratulations, Sergio & Katia! Keep up the awesome work! Be sure to stop by the desk to claim your prize.Kaita Before & After

Sergio Hichos
Total Log Points: 208.25
Weight Loss: 16.2 pounds (7.34%)
Waist: -1.5 inches
Hips: -1 inch
1RM Deadlift: Stayed the same at 405#
Max Pull Ups: +9
Max Burpees: +6
1K Row: -22 seconds

Katia Hichos
Total Log Points: 201
Weight Loss: 7.8 pounds (4.79%)
Waist: -1.25 inches
Hips: -2 inch
1RM Deadlift: +5 pounds
Max Pull Ups: +2
Max Burpees: +2
1K Row: -9 seconds

5-5-5-5 @70-75%

Snatch DT
5 Rounds
12 Snatch Deadlifts (115,75)
9 Hang Power Snatches
6 Overhead Squats

Level 2- (95,55)
Level 1- (75,35)

Midline Ca$hout
Strict Toes to Bar or Straight leg raises (no knee raises)
Hollow Rocks x3

Conditioning Class: WOD
1. 10/8 Calories on Assault Bike
2. 50 Double Unders
3. 10/8 Calories on Assault Bike
4. 10 Burpees

*Scale calories/reps as necessary to have rest between each minute.

Conditioning Class: Core
3 Rounds
10 GHD Sit Ups
1 minute Isometric Hip Extension Hold
Rest as needed between exercises/rounds.
ADV – weighted isometric hold