Wednesday 1/29/14: Clean & Jerk


Warm Up
10 Front Rack to Back rack Presses
10 Front Squats
10 Front Rack to Back Rack Push-presses
10 Front Squats
-Stretch Quads for 1 Minute each leg
-Stretch Hamstrings 1 Minute each leg
-Stretch Shoulders-1 Minute Each Arm

Novice: 1 Push-jerk 1 Split Jerk- Working on foot work.
Intermediate: Push-press 3-3-3-3- Working on Split Jerk between sets
Experienced: Push-press 3-3-3-3 then EMOM6 1 Clean and Jerk @80% working on speed and efficiency

Novice: 5×2 Clean and Jerk- Working on efficiency and technique
Intermediate: Work up to a Heavy Single Clean and Jerk
Experienced: Work up to a Heavy Single Clean and Jerk

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  • Joel

    01/30/2014 @ 2:40 am

    Hit 145 today. Tied my PR and felt really good.

    Big thanks to Amy and Nick for the pointers. I learned some great stuff from you guys tonight.

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