Glute Ham Developer

Hey guys, we rented ice for this Friday night @ 10pm.  It was only $200 so if we can get 20 peeps together it will only be $10 a pop.  It’s at the Southie rink (Murphy memorial) on Day Boulevard.  Please post to comments if you can make it and bring in some cash so we can pay for the ice.  Thanks!

If you have ever wondered what that weird looking piece of equipment in the back of Southie Green is this is the post for you. No it is not some strange torture device Coach Masley uses in place of burpees for late arriving members. It is a Glute-Ham Developer, one of the best pieces of equipment for building midline stability and strength that we have in the gym. It is tough to have enough of these to actually put them into a WOD due to the space they take up, but we are going to start posting wods on the board behind it for you to try out on your own time. These wods are meant to be core intensive and low volume so they can be good supplements to your weekly routine.

Be careful using the GHD especially if you are not used to using it. Only a small amount of work with it gives a great amount of benefit to our core. Don’t go crazy with it. Craziness + GHD= bad. Us coaches use it once or twice a week at the MOST. Over doing it on a GHD can quickly lead to a lot of issues and soreness that will knock you out for days if not weeks at a time. Nobody wants to get to know Mr. Rhabdo.

Clean + Jerk

30 Clean + Jerks (135/95)

ADV- “Heavy Grace”-(185/115)