Warm Winter Drive To Benefit The Pine Street Inn!


Indoor/Outdoor where temps allow Please do not park in the lot

November Clothing & Food Drive!
For the month of November we will be collecting food and clothing for the Pine Street Inn! The Pine Street Inn needs new clothing the most as we approach winter and cold weather, but food donations are also welcome and necessary! Donation boxes can be found in front of the main desk – the most needed items that will be accepted include:

The most needed and suggested food items can be found below. Thank you in advance for any help it is greatly appreciated!

Warm Up
2 Rounds
15|10 Cal Bike/Ski
10 Step Ups
10 Scap Push Ups**
10 Ring Rows

**Rd 2 – Push Ups

Hamstring Stretching
Lat Stretching

Group 1:
2 Rounds
50’ SB Carry
5 Burpees Over Sandbag

Group 2:
2 Rounds
5 High Ring Swings
5 Low Ring Transitions*

*ADV – 2|1 Strict Ring Muscle Up

4 Sandbag Over the Shoulder 140|90
4 Hug Squats
Rest 1 Minute and Rotate

12|8 Calorie Ski
Rest 1 Minute and Rotate

6 DB Burpee Step-ups 2×50|35
(3 each leg)
Rest 1 Minute and Rotate

12|8 Calorie Bike
Rest 1 Minute and Rotate

5|3 Ring Muscle-ups*

* Ring Dips Scale
Descending EMOM

Level 2- 9|6 Cals Bike & Ski, 40|25 DB, 100|70 SB
Level 1- 7|4 Cal Bike & Ski, 30|15 DB, 70|30 SB
ADV – 15|10 Cal Bike & Ski, 70’s|50’s, 6+6 on the stones

Extra Work
Wodapalooza Team Qualifier WOD 7
3 Rounds
3 Minute AMRAP
-Buy In-
99 Double Unders
33 Wall Balls* 20|14
Box Step Overs 50’s|35’s

Rest 1 Minute and Repeat

Intermediate –
66 Double Unders
22 Wall Balls

*ladies 9ft, men 10ft