Upcoming Half Marathon Rowing Event!

Drilling That Strict Press

Row That Boat…..Half Marathon Rowing Event!
Who has been inspired by The Crossfit Games Full Marathon Rowing event?! Next Sunday the 26th is your chance to test your rowing endurance and capacity! We are holding a Half Marathon Row in place of Sebastian’s Endurance Class! All levels are Welcome and we will have scaling options for everyone.
A Half Marathon will = 21,082 meters on the Rower
We will have a Quarter Marathon Scaling option which will = 10,460 meters

Group Row….This  Could Be YOU!!

If you are interested in taking part please click HERE. Registration is not required but will be helpful to gauge how many participants we will have. If you have any questions on scaling options or anything regarding the event please feel free to ask us about it!

Coaches Choice

Back Squat

15 Minute AMRAP
60 Double Unders
40 Sit-ups
20 Kettlebell swings (1.5,1)

Level 2- (1,0.75)
Level 1- (0.75,0.5)

CFS Endurance Sunday – Southie Orange 10AM
Endurance Wod
5 rounds per wod, 45 sec rest between rounds
(A=30 Sec + B=60 Sec +C=30 Sec) = 1 Round
90 second rest between wods

A. Burpees
B. Shuttle Run
C. Shoulder Taps

A. Wallballs
B. Bike Cals
C. Hollow Hold

A. KB Lunges
B. Row Cals
C. Lateral Erg Hops

Weekly Strength/Benchmark Schedule – Click Here

At Home WOD
10 Burpees
15 Air Squats
20 Hollow Rocks