Upcoming Event – DAV 5K


Primarily Outdoors
Please do not park in the lot today.

DAV 5K – Team CFS & MBA Mortgage
This year we have decided to get a group together for the DAV 5k on Saturday, November 6th, the race course is right here in Southie. The race honors Veterans and is a run, walk or roll that thanks those who served, and raises awareness of the issues our ill and injured veterans face every day. For the race we will be partnering with MBA mortgage and signing up under their team. The president of MBA mortgage is our (Goose and Amy​’s) next door neighbor. This is a special race for him because he is a veteran, but also because he is a quadriplegic and participates in his wheelchair with his family by his side. You can sign up for the CrossFit Southie/mba mortgage team HERE. Veterans are free. The cost to participate increases from $40.00 to $50.00 after 9/8 for non-veterans.

5K Training Program
Need help training for this event? Each week we will put out two running sessions. One will be an interval run and another a steady state session to be done outside of class. This program is geared towards beginners and can be scaled up for any running level. All are welcome to join even if you’re not running the 5K!


2 Rounds
40s Work|10s Rest
-DB Push-Up to Renegade Row*
-Jump Rope Singles**
-Scap Push-Up (Inverted if doing HSPU)
-Tire Step Ups***

*Round 2 – DB Thruster
*Round 2 – Double Unders
**Round 2 – Tire Jumps

Scorpion Stretch
Frog Stretch

Tire Flip
Sandbag Stones
Handstand Push-ups

2 Rounds
2 Minutes work:1 Minute Rest
1. Handstand Push-ups
-Min 1: Strict
-Min 2: Kipping
2. 1 Tire Flip + 5 Tire Jumps
3. Assault Bike
4. DB Manmaker/Beastmaker 2 x 50|35
5. 5 Stone Hug Squats (140|90) + 20 Double unders

Level 2- 40|25, 1 Minute Kipping, 1 minute Push-ups
Level 1- 30|15, 2 Minutes Kipping
ADV- Min 1 Deficit Strict HSPUs Min 2 Kipping

Record Reps for Each Station and your Sum will come up on the leaderboard – Score is total reps
5 Tire Flips = 1 Rep
20 Double Unders = 1 Rep

Extra Work
3 Rounds
Run 400M
1 Legless Rope Climb
3 Rope Climbs

ADV – 5 Rounds

Scaling Options
-No Legless
-2 Rope Climbs/Round
-7 Strict Pull-Ups Per Round

*WOD Credit Crossfit.com