Up The Ante


Weekly Benchmarks!
Our google calendar is up and running! Each week you can view the Strength and/or Benchmark as well as if the WOD is primarily Indoors or Outdoors, for the upcoming Saturday – Friday. Don’t worry we don’t give too much away. We’d like to be prepared for the unknown as much as possible. The calendar is updated by Saturday of the upcoming week. You can view the benchmark schedule HERE. It’s located on the same page as the class schedule, just scroll to the bottom.

Outdoors Primarily
2:00 Row at moderate pace, increase pace as you go along


4 Rounds
:30 Sprint :30 Easy Pace (keep moving)

Banded Hamstring Stretching
Pigeon Stretch

Banded Movements Hip, Lower Back, and Shoulder
1 Minute Each
1. Monster walks from front to back of the mat
2. Banded lateral side steps across and back
3. Banded Good mornings
4. Banded Deadlift (both parts to the band under the feet) hold loops in hands and stand
5. Banded Strict Press

In 6 Minutes Complete
20 Clean and Jerks 135|95
Then Max Calorie Row

Rest 3 Minutes

In 6 Minutes Complete
15 Clean and Jerks 155|105
Then Max Calorie Row

Rest 3 Minutes

In 6 Minutes Complete
10 Clean and Jerks 175|115
Then Max Calorie Row

Level 3- 115|75 + 20|10
Level 2- 95|65 + 20|10
Level 1 – 75|45 +10|5
ADV- 155|105 +20|10

Extra Work
10 Rounds of
3 Weighted Pull Ups
5 Strict Pull Ups
7 Kipping Pull Ups

*use a 45|30lb db between the feet and jettison the db after the weighted pull ups.