Skill Session This Saturday!

Feb 6th, 2020

Category: CrossFit

Skill Session This Saturday!

TBT to Connor and that summertime fitness!

Skill Session Alert!
Join us This Saturday for our next Southie Skill Session. We are taking on Bar Muscle-Ups as well as chest to bar and chin over bar pull-ups. All skill levels are welcome and will benefit from this session. We will asses and prepare you with progressions and drills to help you achieve your gymnastic goals. Class will take place This Saturday February 8th from 8-9AM in Southie Orange. No registration required and this does not count towards your weekly classes. We hope to see you there!


Warm Up
Warm Up
2:00 Row @ Easy Pace/
6 Rounds
:20 Sprint/:10 Rest

– :30 Active hanging Hollow Hold
– 10 Shoulder Activators
– :30 Hold with chin over bar or for as long as possible
– Accumulate 10 Strict Pull-Ups
– Accumulate 5 Pull-Overs.

2 Push Press

Rest 1 Minute

2 Push Jerks

50/40 Calorie Row
50 Sit-ups
25 Pull-ups

Rest 2 minutes

Complete in reverse order

Level 2- 20 Pull-ups
Level 1- 40/30 Calorie Row,
ADV- GHD Sit-ups, C2B Pull-ups