Up N’ Over the Wall

Just Hangin
Jus Hangin

4 Rounds
500m row
400m run
60 Double Unders
6 Wall Climbs

Level 2-350 row, 300m run, 30 Double Unders, 4 Wall Climbs
Level 1- 3 Rounds, 250m row, 200m run,60 Singles, 10 Hand Release Push-ups


  • nicole dholakia

    03/23/2014 @ 1:17 pm

    woof…35:34 30 dubs, 4 wall climbs

  • JBo

    03/23/2014 @ 12:15 am

    Made a special guest appearance on a Saturday.
    WOD: 30:40 / 4 rounds – 500m row, 400m run, 30 dubs, 4 wall climbs
    I have to admit that buying a rope at CFS after 14.1 was the absolute best decision. My first 3 rounds of 30 dubs were unbroken. Don’t know where that came from. Take-home message: If you find a rope you like, buy the exact same one and use it every time.

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