If you haven’t checked out this article written about our very own Haley Byrnes, you needn’t wait any longer.  She could neither back squat an empty barbell nor do one push-up when she started CrossFit.  She is now a two times accomplished Games Competitor and a remarkable inspiration for all of us!  Oh snap, back to back with…..  What was your excuse again???

Strict Press

ADV – stand on bands for accommodating resistance.

5 Rounds
20 Unbroken Swings (1.5,1)
20 Unbroken Double unders

Level 2- 15/15 (one jump in between each double)
Level 1- 20 swings (26lb/18lbs) and 10 double under attempts
Adv – Faster

If you break up your set of swings or double unders you have to start over on that set.