Turkey Pregame


Turkey Day Schedule – Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble……
Tuesday– Normal Hours
Wednesday– 5,6,7,8,11, 12,3,4,5pm *close at 6pm*
Thursday– ANNUAL THANKSGIVING DAY WOD- 8am and 9am** Non-coached WOD 7am with Goose
Friday– 9,10,11,12pm (open gym 8-2pm)
Saturday– 8,9,10,11 Open Gym starting at 6:30am, Non-Coached WOD with Goose at 7am
Sunday– Normal Schedule

1. 12|10 Cal Row
2. 30s SA Dead Hang* – R
3. 12|10 Cal Row
4. 30s SA Dead Hang – L
5. 12|10 Cal Row
6. 30s Chin Over Bar hold

*scale to 2 arm dead hang where need be


Banded Side Steps
Banded Glute Kickbacks
Banded Deadlift

*30s Jump Rope after each round – Start with singles work into double unders

Hamstring Stretching

Pause Deadlift*
2 Reps

*Pause right at or below the knee during the concentric and eccentric parts of the movement. Start around 55-60% of your max

4 Rounds
1 Min Max Rower Calories
30s Max Double Unders

-30s Rest-

1 Min Max Rower Calories
30s Max Pull-ups*

-30s Rest-

Score= Total Row Cals, Total Double Unders, Total Pull-ups

Athlete Note – There is no transition time accounted for, please consider that when rowing

*Rd 1- Strict Pull-ups
Rd 2- Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Rd 3- Chin Over Bar
Rd 4- Strict Pull-ups again

Extra Work
Drag or Heavy Rope Double Unders
25’ HSW Obstacle (Over & Back)

*Scale to regular rope and no obstacle. HS Walks can be scaled further to 5 Wall Climbs each time.