Be Your Own BodyGuard

Tony Blauer’s Be Your Own Bodyguard (B.Y.O.B) one-day seminar is being hosted at Reebok CrossFit One in Canton on Saturday, March 16th, 2013. If . For more details and/or to register, click here. Chris and I did this seminar last year and it was awesome. You can never be too prepared when it comes to defending your own life.

1 Push-press
3 Push-jerks
*Without letting go of the bar

EMOM for 12 minutes
3 Deadlifts (315,205)
5 Clapping Push-ups
7 Box jumps

Level 3 (275,185)
Level 2 (225,145), HR Push-ups
Level 1 (155,95), HR push-ups, 5 box jumps

we may have to partner up with someone of like ability and have one athlete start on box jumps while the other starts on deadlifts.